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  1. Thanks for the reply. That's great. Thanks for confirming. Is there somewhere that known bugs are listed that I could have looked?
  2. Hello, 1. I started my computer this morning and EAM did not start. On checking the settings page it was not set to “Enable real-time protection at startup” - I have now changed this and re-booted. What could have changed this, do I have some malware? 2. I also checked the Active Surf Protection page on the EAM Protection section and saw on the built in list section that all of the Hostnames that are set to Don't block that are in the Privacy risks section, is this correct?? (Example is 005.FREE-COUNTER.co.uk) Thanks for your assistance. Emsisoft AM ver. OS is
  3. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the information and for your time and expertise. Very much appreciated. Best wishes.
  4. I am running EAM v11.0.0.5911 Freeware license. I am going to move from AVG to EAM. Would EAM running happily with the full version of MWB or would it be best to use the free version of MWB and just use it as an additional scanner from time to time? p.s. the system is still running fine, thank you.
  5. Hi, System seems to be running ok now, a bit slow but maybe that is because I have AVG Free running with Emsisoft and MWB??!! Are there any other scans that I could run to check things? I have run AVG, MWB and Emisisoft without errors. Another query, maybe related.....I am running a trial version of Emsisoft but when I go into the Emissoft Security Centre Overview display the first block is in red and says "No Protection" I tried clicking on the box to see if it would change this, nothing, and then went into the Surf Protection option, clicked Activate Surf Protection in the top left cor
  6. Hi Kevin, I ran ADWCLEANER in safe mode without the option to Fix anything and then re-booted and, for some reason, things seem to be running properly without error. Although I think I may be in some sort of special mode as MWB and AVG are not running. So I have started and the top of your requests for information and run Adwcleaner scan and then cleaning option, log attached I ran JRT which ran until it got to a point then I had an error box: MS Visual C++ Runtime library Runtime Error: Program c\windows\sysWOW64\reg.exe : R6016 – not enough space for thread data. I forgot to note at whic
  7. I tried starting in Safe Mode and I can run things without the error. Browser works and other applications. I ran ADWCLEANER but it found nothing, but I guess this may not work properly in Safe Mode?? I have not tried anything else.
  8. Thanks for the information. I tried to run Combo-Fix but ended up with the same error, Unable to start correctly with error code 0xc0000005. It seems that anything that I attempt is being blocked by something and not working. I tried removing the malware found by Emsisoft and as you suspected it made no difference. I ran the Emsisoft scanner to re-quarantine it. Before I tried the above I did suspend MAlwarbytes, but could not suspend AVG as it kept coming back with the same error 0xc0000005. Do you think it coudl be AVG blocking something? Would it be worth trying to run anything in Safe Mo
  9. Is it worth trying to Restore the Quarantined registry entry found by Emsisoft? The Risk Level noted on the Quarantine List is "No risk". I was not sure if this would be advisable.
  10. I don't seem to be able to get passed the problem of the system error. Trying to run RogueKiller and got the same error. I tried to run PCTools on the system (Dell Inspiron 1764) and this worked. I ran the full scan including the system memory test and the advanced pattern test and all tests passed. Should I run any other hardware scans ? Thanks for your continued help.
  11. Hi Kevin, Unfortunately the system is still giving the same error when I try to run applications. The main screens of things like Malwarebytes and AVG come up ok, but Firefox etc give errors. I tried to see if ADWCLEANER AND JRT would run and they give the same error.
  12. The log for FRST64 is attached. Thanks!Fixlog.txt
  13. The new scan logs for FRST are attached. As before FRST64 ran and stopped half way through with error for mod_frst.exe, unable to start correctly, same error code; I took the option OK and the scan continued ok. Thanks for your help.FRST.txtAddition.txt
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