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  1. Ok, and is there any substance in this story from now on? And what was that original theme? In any case thanks to all the information so far.
  2. And now TMP and TEMP-paths are like this. Can't, in the earth, even guess what the actual “Path”-rows means in that windows. - Can I now remove all those “Tempzxpsignf3868bae9fdfe16d” etc.-files from my computer? Maybe we're again a bit closer to the solution, thank you for it!
  3. https://www.tenforums.com/general-support/77650-empty-temporary-folders-appearing-outside-system-temp-folder.html Something about temporary folders appearing outside system temp folder. Maybe not so interesting...
  4. After the scan, Chrome had opened. However, the internet connection was not on. Is that OK.
  5. The reason for scanning without internet connection was that it was the only way to do it at all. Means that WITH the connection the process will be ended always in the middle. And I hope your team could advise me how to prevent such an external manipulation of the PC.
  6. This Scan has been done without net connection. rk_B3B3.tmp.txt
  7. This is the second time I respond to this same request. What has happened to the previous answer, where has it disappeared? Anyway the fixlog is here. Fixlog.txt
  8. This time, everything seemed to go smoothly. - First time at the very beginning, Windows Defender SmartScreen tried to prevent FRST64 scanning, so I had to temporarily disable it. For the second time, when I initiated a fixing scan, EAM warned of suspicious behavior of FRST64. But now everything went without distractions. Hopefully the logs are also good for their content. scan_170802-212511.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. Sory, I forgot these attachments from my previous answer. Otherwise, where can I find the "More Reply Options" button? AdwCleaner[C0].txt JRT.txt
  10. This appears when I pressed the black “Quote this”-square when selecting the text above. I plugged also the text into Notebad and saved it on my desktop. Then I copy the FRST64.exe back to the desktop from the downloaded files folder, where it was located (I had removed it already from my desktop after the previous scan) and have tried to run the fixing-process, but it failed. FRST 64 reported that "No fixlist.txt found". Maybe something has gone wrong during the process. See the attachments. Anyway, the Advanced SystemCare program seems to dropped out of the machine.
  11. The EAM notice contains the text in Finnish: Since these files are essential for Windows, you can't remove or export them to quarantine. scan_170729-224435.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. Now the EEK seems to function again. The right way to delete the EEK may be just delete the whole folder (ctrl-alt-delete). And then install the newest version? Should I do the same thing with the old FRST folder which seems to be next below the EEK folder.
  13. ey. my versio of EEK is and the operating system of my laptop is Widows 10. I have updated my EEK after 61 days of not using it. It takes lot of time as it used to take with updating EEK. The progress meter works correctly and at last the read out was 100%. Then the EEK window disappeared. After that I have restarted my laptop and have launched newly EEK. The result was same as before the update. The attachment shows the situation after updating process, ergo ”has been updated 61 days ago”. Thus updating process was totally voided. Just some comments about it?! Is this again kind of cosmetic issue or what in the world? Like it was the desktop updating issue last time?
  14. The log seems to be nearly all right. In my case the progress meter newer jumped to the 100%, but has just disappeared after 2% - 12% of process. So we stay to wait the next update of the EAM without this cosmetic issue. Best regards
  15. Hi, there is something wrong with the updating process in my EAM (Versio: Operating system is Windows 10 (64bit). The everyday updating process will always die between 2% and 12 %. The ”freezing” time after that takes about ten seconds or something like that. Also the the progress meter line don't move forward. And then in the right down corner of the display appears the "upgrading process succeeded" notification. The attachments of this message clearly prove that there is just 0 minute from the latest update (so the process has just ended) and nevertheless the the process has stuck in the point of 9% and 10%!! Can we safely call this just a ”cosmetic issue with the progress meter not moving properly”. If so, it's certainly easy to fix it immediatly because it's a bit amateurish phenomenon of this otherwise very high-class product. I am, on the contrary, scaring that the program may be infected very seriously and deeply. That there is someone or someones that somehow can capitalise or benefit this kind of complication. I have 92 days left of my license and I really hope this issue will be resolved during this period. This program is number one I so far have used!!
  16. Hello Kevin, After saving the Fixlog to my desktop, and pressing first time the fix button of FRST64, Emsisof-Antimalware show the behavior warning and suggested to quarantine the program, and that I also did before understanding whats happened. Ok, I returned FRST64 back from the qurantine and tried the same again. The warning appeared again but this time I pres the ”allow once” button and the Fixlog.txt appeared to desktop. Why there is not bossibility to add an attachement to THIS message? Last time I had pressed the "More Reply Options"- button (there right dawn corner) and there had opened a new reply area with the possibility to add an attachement, but I dont know has it come at the destination! Best regards, Karzan
  17. Emsisoft Anti-Malvare announce that two kernel-files are infected. It also recommended not to do any attempt to fix situation by my self. Those kernel-files are following: C:\Windows\System32\wuaueng.dll C:\windows\System32\wucltux.dll So, what suggest You me to do to fix that problem? FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_150919-151252.txt
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