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  1. I went back to the stable versions some days ago and everything is still fine. I even change my ISP from ADSL to CABLE and after some PORT FORWARDING work all is still fine. Thank you for your support Arthur. Have a nice day!
  2. Thanks for the update, I just finished rebooting after installing the BETA VERSION. Emule seems to be working and connecting to the ed2k servers normally now. If I see anything odd with this version I will let you know. Thanks!!!
  3. Hello again, too much work yesterday to be able to post. Well thank you for informing that issue because I was losing my mind, everything work well EXCEPT emule with the firewall enabled, the KD network connects and can download well but no the ED2K servers, as soon as I disabled it everything work right even enabling the Windows 10 firewall. I tried to unistall, reboot, installing EIS again without updating It and It didn't work either so I updated EIS normally and i'm just keeping the firewall disbled when using emule, using Windows 10 one meanwhile. Looking forward for a fix then. Thanks for keeping me updated.
  4. Tried that and no luck, I put the emule folder and the .exe file too on the WHITELIST section and still didn't worked. It only functions when the firewall is disabled. SFC /Scannow did say some files were damaged but could not be repaired (I ran it from desktop would try from USB repair disk when I come back from work). If everything fail I would try to uninstall it EIS and use it one night without updating it (if emule work with the firewall option enabled). Any other suggestion you can make? Thanks for your help
  5. Yesterday and this morning (21-06-16) emule could connect to the SERVERS on the sharing net, but at the evening when I started it again it just says the port is blocked in the emule LOG and cant login with LowID. If I disable the FIREWALL portion of the suite it works without problems, until I enable it again and less then a minute later emule drops connection with the server. I have the application listed on APPLICATION RULES with ALL ALLOWED everywhere so I don't understand why NOW IT WANTS TO PARTIALLY BLOCK IT, the KAD Network still works.
  6. Well I can't install the independent UPDATE, it says "update not applicable". But I don't find the KB3033929 update on the list of KBs installed either. Before I keep cursing at windows and trying to fix it, please tell me this: The previous updates worked fine, they used other kind of certification? Only the last one was SHA2 exclusive?
  7. Count me in too. Just got home and saw that message. Uninstalled, two reboots, installed again, all fine until update and request for reboot. Same problem again