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  1. This is actually the case - switching to the beta feed, resolved it. Thank you very much!
  2. I use the default time format in W10 for Germany, which is HH:mm. Am aware that the first entry implies I could choose anything between 0:00 and 23:59 but that's not the case - when I try to enter anything <12PM it registered it as corresponding PM time. For instance when I hit 6 on the keyboard it enters 18:00 (same is true when I enter 06). I tried to change the language in EAM to German or English, didn't change anything unfortunately. Using the up and down commands in the Scheduled Scan hour fields the time jumps from the default 0:00 to 13:00, 14:00, ..., 23:00, 0:00.
  3. After a couple of months I decided to give Emsisoft a try again but ran into an odd error. For whatever reason I can't select AM times for scheduled time scans. The "At" box allows for times from 12:00 - 0:00 only.
  4. Kurze Nachfrage: Der Deal ist auf 1 Jahreslizenz begrenzt, also keine Möglichkeit ne Lizenz direkt für 2 oder 3 Jahre zu erwerben oder überseh ich das? Gruß
  5. Got into D3 as of late again and recognized EAM updates while the game was running. Initially I was uncertain if the Game Mode actually kicked in and started it manually before one of my session but still EAM kept its default update frequency. Is EAM supposed to update while in Game Mode? Other AV applications usually postpone updates till full screen mode/game mode ends. Running EAM on W10 x64, no other security applications in use in parallel.
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