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  1. Hey Lynx, I got my current winXP of my mate when my last version of legit winXP died. I do not think this current version is legit so I will get back to you when I am legal. However, by that stage I will probably be free of malware (will format hard drive in the process), but I will come back if I get malware in the future. Cheers, Mike
  2. Hey there, Did a deep scan and found some malware thanks to a-squared FREE. However, it could not get rid of the items in the following log: a-squared Free - Version 4.5 Last update: 30/09/2009 11:47:24 PM Scan settings: Scan type: Deep Scan Objects: Memory, Traces, Cookies, C:\, D:\, E:\, F:\ Scan archives: On Heuristics: Off ADS Scan: On Scan start: 30/09/2009 11:48:07 PM E:\System Volume Information\_restore{D7282F60-B40B-4CCF-AA32-A5EF552EFE49}\RP177\A0068249.exe/regfix.exe detected: Trojan-Dropper.Win32.VB!IK E:\System Volume Information\_restore{D7282F60-B40B-4CCF-AA32-A5EF552E
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