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  1. The computer is running well. Attached are logs you asked for. I didn't quarantine anything. EEKscan2_151114-202326.txtFRST.txt
  2. AdwCleanerC2.txt Fixlog.txt JRT.txt The requested files are attached. A few things to note - I ran adwcleaner (and several other cleanup apps) prior to creating this post. Over 500 items were cleaned on the first run. The second run was done today and only found 1 issue as you can see in the log. Also, prior to your reply to my initial post, I manually removed the program called registry cleaner. My pc has run great after running all the cleanup apps and EEK but I hope that your fix script removed any residual malware/PUPs that might spring up again. Thank you.
  3. Last week the physical memory on my pc suddenly started to max out. Even with nothing running except task manager it is pegged. I can't open anything because it just runs out of memory and dies. I rebooted many times, no help. I run Mcafee anti-virus which is up to date and a scan found nothing. EEK found a high risk program called rogue.win32.regclean but can't quarantine it. EEK suggested I come here for assistance. The requested files are attached. Thank you in advance for your help. Addition.txtEEKscan_151109-174837.txtFRST.txt
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