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  1. Hi Haydn, If the issue is repeated, I guess you should also check the entire devices in your network too, since they all will use the same IP when connected to Google. This Google protection is usually to prevent any applications, or maybe bot, browser extensions, etc, for making a tons of query to Google at the same time. If you need help to check your computer, I can forward this to the appropriate forum section so our support team can assist you. Regarding McAfee, I personally not recommend to install multiple antivirus programs because it may causing conflict.
  2. Thank you. Since the reported file was detected by our BitDefender engine, therefore we will forward this to BitDefender for further analysis. Any false positive detections or misclassification that may found during analysis will be fixed as soon as possible.
  3. Hi, yes it could be false positive. Can you please open the Quarantine and submit the file as "False detection" so we can check them?
  4. Okay, I will move this to our support forum then.
  5. Did you see any entries related to Windows Update being blocked in our Logs? Without the complete logs and copy of the blocked files, it's hard to verify it. If you don't mind, I can forward this topic to our Support forum, so our support team can assist you to find out what was wrong.
  6. Hi there, I guess it's not from the Windows Update, but from another application. Maybe you running a setup at that time, or there's auto-update from external application that is running in the background. This alert indeed could happen sometimes with legitimate application, for example when the file is not digitally signed. However without the actual file, I can't verify it. It's not quarantined maybe because the file is already deleted by the setup process.
  7. Yes, it just default file naming issue and has been corrected.
  8. Hi, thanks for the information. In case the malware is not detected yet, you can upload it to our malware submissions forum.
  9. Thank you for your submission. The malware file is already detected by Emsisoft.
  10. It will be sent to analysis team. If the file is indeed malicious, the signature will be added to our database.
  11. No, because it would highly impacting the computer performance.
  12. Because the File Guard is not looking up to AMN, and probably signature for that file is not added to database yet. Anyway, another user send me the same malware file yesterday and I've created signature for it, therefore it would be blocked by File Guard as well now.
  13. Hi there, the file quarantined automatically when I execute the file. What do you mean with auto remove?
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