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  1. Arief Prabowo

    Hidden Installer Behaviour

    Okay, I will move this to our support forum then.
  2. Arief Prabowo

    Hidden Installer Behaviour

    Did you see any entries related to Windows Update being blocked in our Logs? Without the complete logs and copy of the blocked files, it's hard to verify it. If you don't mind, I can forward this topic to our Support forum, so our support team can assist you to find out what was wrong.
  3. Arief Prabowo

    Hidden Installer Behaviour

    Hi there, I guess it's not from the Windows Update, but from another application. Maybe you running a setup at that time, or there's auto-update from external application that is running in the background. This alert indeed could happen sometimes with legitimate application, for example when the file is not digitally signed. However without the actual file, I can't verify it. It's not quarantined maybe because the file is already deleted by the setup process.
  4. Arief Prabowo

    Need Help

    Yes, it just default file naming issue and has been corrected.
  5. Arief Prabowo

    Paradise Ransoware (new variant)

    Hi, thanks for the information. In case the malware is not detected yet, you can upload it to our malware submissions forum.
  6. Arief Prabowo

    NemucodAES Variant

    Thank you for your submission. The malware file is already detected by Emsisoft.
  7. It will be sent to analysis team. If the file is indeed malicious, the signature will be added to our database.
  8. No, because it would highly impacting the computer performance.
  9. Because the File Guard is not looking up to AMN, and probably signature for that file is not added to database yet. Anyway, another user send me the same malware file yesterday and I've created signature for it, therefore it would be blocked by File Guard as well now.
  10. Hi there, the file quarantined automatically when I execute the file. What do you mean with auto remove?
  11. Thanks for letting us know.
  12. Since whitelisting the entire folder also didn't work, so I assume this is another issue. Unfortunately I'm also unable to replicate this issue. Therefore, I will move this to the appropriate forum so our OA developers can take a look at it.
  13. Hello, could you please tell me which Macrium file are being blocked by OA?
  14. From what I can see based on your story, I think there is suspicious thing on your machine but our product didn't detect anything. That's why I forward you to this forum. Our technical support team or the malware removal specialist team will analyze your issue, so they can make sure that, whether your PC is infected or not. That's why the initial guide post ask you to send us several files to analyze. In case there is a potential bug that was caused Emsisoft to terminate itself, the team will report their findings to the Developer Team, or if they found undetected malware they will forward the files to the Analysis team. But first, we have to make sure that your computer is perfectly clean from any malware infections. If EEK didn't find anything, then you don't need to send the EEK log file. Basically personal malware submission thread is a forum where user can send us samples of the undetected malware.
  15. Hello, welcome to our forum. Because your post is not relevant to malware submission, so I will forward this to the appropriate forum. Also, as mentioned by stapp, please follow this guide first. Thank you!