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  1. Aaaaaaaaand now its working................... Remote connect, OK, that's why I have avast, It has a built in remote connect service, through their filtered secure server, to stop any bad ware from entering from another PC. This feature is included in their FREE Home edition, it helps with the malware/trojan/virus removal,,,,,other stuff as well. Isn't avast! just great for thinking of every little thing to make the users experience a good one. Although,,,, I would have to activate/turn on the Remote Connect Service to do this?! Wouldn't that defeat the debug process with RCS running? As for installing another (TeamViewer) program, Yours has the 'Enable Multi Desktop Support' and 'Enable Debug Mode',,,,,,, But, don't you just need the DeBug Log/File? There is another person posing on this form with a similar / same problem with the GUI, here is his post: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/11391-firewall-shows-no-inboundoutbound-activity-saying-there-are-no-active-interfaces-and-corrupted-update-after-reboot-after-fresh-install/
  2. I have the same problem as you, but I'm on W7 Home Premium x64 SP1 Follow my topic as well; http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/11273-no-incommingoutgoing-connections-displayed/
  3. Good Grief Miss Lucy,,,this software doesn't know what it wants to do........
  4. Oops,,,spoke too soon........ I don't think that your software knows what it wants to do...........LOL!
  5. Nope,,,update didn't help.......... Rebooting broke the GUI Graph.
  6. . . . NOPE,,,,see attachment................ Sooo, now that I have established that it is NOT necessary to have this service ON to have the display the graphs display properly.......Whats next? OK,,,I just got a popup that there is an update waiting to be installed after reboot.........
  7. Windows key + R produces RUN in W7: It does not produce any results when 'sc query termservice' is entered , and 'OK' is pressed. I beleve what is wanted an Elevated Comand Prompt, as I do most everthing in my User Account. FYI: OA's behaviour was the same in the Admin Account. This was my results:
  8. OK, so your product is acting up AGAIN,,,but whats new, is getting REAL OLD! Any fix for this other than an uninstall and reinstall? Because, if there isn't,,,, Your allmost infringing on DELL's ®© answer to all their PC problems. Serously,,,,yours is the ONLY security software I have problems with, the other 2 work just fine, no problems what so ever! Just might be time for Comodo. I will be making a 2nd post as to another major ##### I have with your product. THIS SIGNATURE IS UP TO DATE
  9. > Yes, I rebooted several times as I needed to, and strugled with, the removal of the generated 'Q' virtuall drive. > This worked, abet, the removal one at a time wasn't working, OA froze up (not responding), for some reason or another.
  10. Over 1500 entries of the same item in Autoruns,,,,,,,yes sir indeed, and I have to manually delete each and every one of them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ONE AT A TIME?!?!? Is there any way to batch remove them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?? Here's what happend, Foolishly I installed Microsoft Office Starter Edition just to see what its all about (I have OO as my word prosesser). I delete MSOSE as some of the adware bundled with it is being blocked by OA, and it's caused slow/delayed startups and a BSOD. There are 1500 MSOSE (all the same) entries in the Autoruns. Soooo,,,,,,,do I actually have to manually delete all of the entries? If I do,,,,,, OA will be deleted for good! Michael T........................
  11. Soooo, the installer was not set for XP mode, I left it as I found it. I am going to the lake this weekend and will not be able to test until next week. My setup is FF 15.0.1 (just updated), Flash 10.3, and my 5 extensions listed in the above post. As this notebook is only 1 week old, before I go any further with it and spend more time mucking around with it, I might do a reinstall of the OS with the factory recovery disks. I will think about my options this weekend when I'm having a few cool ones and relaxing on the house boat. See ya on Monday.................. *clink* *chug* *belch*
  12. I just had to remove OA, it was causing me grief. So, I just took a look at the W7 compatibility setting for OA, the OA installer is set to run for XP SP3, could this be where the problem is? (I still have OA in my DL folder)
  13. 1 > See above post 2 > Why would I disable protection in a browser that I use for surfing the internet? Seems foolish to me to do that. I do not use the ADMIN ACCOUNT, I set up a USER ACCOUNT. 3 > I didn't see anywhere that posters on the mozzillaZine forum mention their firewall setup (in that thread particularity). Don't forget that this is a new notebook, 1 week old, updated with on other programs installed, other than the OS, HP bloatware. The system restore I had to do because of the lockup took me back to pre OA being installed.
  14. As I post this I'm using Win Firewall, Flash 10.3, FF 15 (same extensions), avast!, MBAM Pro, and have no problems with Photobucket, unlike the same browser setup with OA.
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