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  1. geri

    Random Scan messages

    Thank you Jeremy, I did find it according to your instructions. Thank you for your help.
  2. geri

    Random Scan messages

    I went to the home page and clicked on Quarantine but it took me to what was in quarantine and couldn't get to a page like you showed above. That page only had the quarantine object listed,and at the bottom there were buttons to"Restore - Delete - False detection" and then two buttons that said "re-scan All and Add File"
  3. All of a sudden, I keep getting random messages asking if I want to rescan. I never received this before. Emsisoft always just ran in the background doing a scan when schedule. Don't know how to resolve this.
  4. I need to do a system restore and they tell me that "System Restore couldn't find the files possible because a Virus protector is running. Need to just temporarily close it. Can't find anywhere to do this.
  5. geri

    Message rec'd at Startup -

    Well, I rebooted the computer and the message disappeared. But I do appreciate your fast response.
  6. When I turned on my computer this AM, there was a sidebar message from Emsisoft which reads - "Emsisoft Protection waiting for a component (service) to start..." This message has been on for over 2 i/2 hours now. I can't locate what that component would be. When I click on the message, I get another message that asks me if I want to close and if I do I could lose all info. I don't know it you mean I will lose Emsisoft or whatever other program that is running. Please help. Geri
  7. geri

    Computer Resource Problem

    Sir, apparently you didn't read my post. When the scan of FRST was done, a box immediately popped up telling me where it was downloaded. I had to click on the OK button to get the box off screen. I didn't get a chance to hit the Fix button. Maybe it's different with you using Win 7, but I have Win 10 (which is in itself confusing. Also I wasn't given a choice as to where to store the scan - it was immediately put in Pictures on Sky Drive. I was following your instructions to another poster who had the same problem. This is what I find confusing. I'm 79 so please be patient with me, but I really need help.
  8. FRST.txtHi, I am having the same problem - Error code 2145452015 - File Guard not activated. I tried to follow the steps that you mentioned, but, to me, they are very confusing. I really need step by step instructions, I downloaded FRST and when the scan was done, a box popped up telling me where it was downloaded to. Didn't get a chance to click on "Fix" because everything disappeared from the scan box. I also tried to type in "sc delete epp" but everytime I clicked on it, it disappeared. I have Windows 10 vers 1511 - 64 bit. I use Chrome and have Malwarebytes installed but haven't used it since I got Emsisoft.FRST.txt
  9. geri

    Did you just release EIS 11?

    Thanks for the quick replies, in checking for my current vers, I see that I have vers -
  10. geri

    Did you just release EIS 11?

    Where can I find what version of Emsisoft I currently have? Usually, I find it by right clicking on Properties under the Help tab, but I can't find a Help tab. I am showing my last update was 3 hours ago and it is only at 37% updated. It seems to be running for a long time. Any info, please.