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  1. Thank you Jeremy, I did find it according to your instructions. Thank you for your help.
  2. I went to the home page and clicked on Quarantine but it took me to what was in quarantine and couldn't get to a page like you showed above. That page only had the quarantine object listed,and at the bottom there were buttons to"Restore - Delete - False detection" and then two buttons that said "re-scan All and Add File"
  3. All of a sudden, I keep getting random messages asking if I want to rescan. I never received this before. Emsisoft always just ran in the background doing a scan when schedule. Don't know how to resolve this.
  4. I need to do a system restore and they tell me that "System Restore couldn't find the files possible because a Virus protector is running. Need to just temporarily close it. Can't find anywhere to do this.
  5. Well, I rebooted the computer and the message disappeared. But I do appreciate your fast response.
  6. When I turned on my computer this AM, there was a sidebar message from Emsisoft which reads - "Emsisoft Protection waiting for a component (service) to start..." This message has been on for over 2 i/2 hours now. I can't locate what that component would be. When I click on the message, I get another message that asks me if I want to close and if I do I could lose all info. I don't know it you mean I will lose Emsisoft or whatever other program that is running. Please help. Geri
  7. Sir, apparently you didn't read my post. When the scan of FRST was done, a box immediately popped up telling me where it was downloaded. I had to click on the OK button to get the box off screen. I didn't get a chance to hit the Fix button. Maybe it's different with you using Win 7, but I have Win 10 (which is in itself confusing. Also I wasn't given a choice as to where to store the scan - it was immediately put in Pictures on Sky Drive. I was following your instructions to another poster who had the same problem. This is what I find confusing. I'm 79 so please be patient with me, but I really need help.
  8. FRST.txtHi, I am having the same problem - Error code 2145452015 - File Guard not activated. I tried to follow the steps that you mentioned, but, to me, they are very confusing. I really need step by step instructions, I downloaded FRST and when the scan was done, a box popped up telling me where it was downloaded to. Didn't get a chance to click on "Fix" because everything disappeared from the scan box. I also tried to type in "sc delete epp" but everytime I clicked on it, it disappeared. I have Windows 10 vers 1511 - 64 bit. I use Chrome and have Malwarebytes installed but haven't used it since I got Emsisoft.FRST.txt
  9. Thanks for the quick replies, in checking for my current vers, I see that I have vers -
  10. Where can I find what version of Emsisoft I currently have? Usually, I find it by right clicking on Properties under the Help tab, but I can't find a Help tab. I am showing my last update was 3 hours ago and it is only at 37% updated. It seems to be running for a long time. Any info, please.