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  1. Hi, Update: I built a new Win 7 64 bit system with nothing on there other than EMET 5.2 and Emsisoft ver 11 (No AV) and IE 11 still will not open....so its not another Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware app causing the issue. Installing EMET 5.5 beta did fix the issue. At this point I can get it to work by unprotecting IE in EMET 5.2 or running the a beta version 5.5 on my system, is there any other work around? I prefer not to run the Beta version of EMET in order to keep the same level of protection I had prior to upgrading to version 11. Thanks,
  2. Hi, I'm seeing an issue on my Windows 7 64 bit & windows 8.1 systems since upgrading to version 11. Microsoft EMET 5.2 prevents IE from opening and displays " EMET detected Caller Mitigation and will close the application: Iexplore.exe." It's definitely version 11 - The problem is repeatable....uninstall Emsisoft and the issue goes away. re-install and the issue returns. Thanks,
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