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  1. No problems with CIS8 here (I use only Firewall component, hips is disabled). The problem here is with behavior blocker and custom rules. Anyway, think that I found what's going on, after a safe mode reboot and deletion of all custom rules I edited the a2rules.ini file. There was a "ghost" entry of process explorer, which seems to corrupt the rules engine. [c:\sysinternalsuite\procexp64.exe] Revision=4 SHA1={0E1AA682-D71F-40AF-BC11-303FD742044B} GUID=ID_INJECT Action=ID_UPDATE Worm=0 Dialer=0 Backdoor=0 Hijacker=0 Inject=0 Downloader=0 Spyware=0 Service=0 KeyLogger=0 Startup=0 HiddenInstall=0 Virus=0 Hosts=0 Rootkit=0 BrowserSettings=0 Debugger=0 RemoteControl=0 DirectDiskAccess=0 SystemPolicies=0 Updated=0 SectionType=1 After deletion of that "ghost" entry, "a2" seems to work fine with custom rules. I just don't like the new "user friendly" behavior blocker, I search for a way to ask anything and don't connect to internet and get "trusted" app lists. For example, I want to know ALL apps which create autostart entries regardless their "trusted status", without to have to create custom rules. I use the behavior blocker from the mamutu ages & don't like the current "user friendly" approach (edit) Just reinstalled all security software, hitman.pro.alert, sandboxie, mbam etc. Everything is OK, fingers crossed
  2. When I added a custom rule e.g. for firefox, problem reappeared. Behavior blocker seems totally buggy to me in version11. To be honest, if i hadn't remaing license for over 200 days i 'd just uninstalled Emsisoft app.
  3. I have some news, rebooted in safe mode, successfully pressed on Protection tab and then I removed ALL the rules from the past. It was set to "paranoid" mode if i remembered correctly and I had tons of custom rules there. Then rebooted and now seems to work fine Now I cant find such advanced settings (like "paranoid mode") for the Behavior blocker and the rules get auto-completed with "trusted" apps. Is there any way to get back to old "paranoid mode" ?
  4. Oooops, my bad, forgot to mention this Well, I uninstalled HitmanPro.Alert and rebooted, problem remains. Uninstalled also a forgotten installation of free malwarebytes antimalware and rebooted, problem still remains. Last suspect is Sandboxie (I have months to use this), 'll try to backup & remove it also & report back (edit) Uninstalled Sandboxie & rebooted, problem remains
  5. Hello Sent the FRST files to you through PM Thanks
  6. I removed completely the old CIS 5.12, rebooted, cleaned registry. The following problem is not Comodo related and still exist: - Antimalware window freeze when click on Protection tab. Then I installed latest CIS (firewall only enabled). No problem with Behavior Blocker. So right now my only problem is with antimalware window when pressing Protection tab.
  7. Hi GT500, I tried the beta version, but the problem remains unsolved: - Antimalware window freeze when click on Protection tab. - Comodo window & alerts completely disabled when enabling Behavior Blocker. Right now I have disabled the Behavior Blocker, but this not a solution. Has anybody tried with latest Comodo CIS version? If no problem with latest CIS, maybe i have to upgrade to latest CIS (just using firewall component)
  8. I have problems with Comodo Firewall and latest Emsisoft Antimalware 11. Comodo version is CIS 5.12 (only firewall is used, other components are disabled). When Behavior Blocker is enabled, comodo is like disabled, no window or alerts are opening anymore... Also Antimalware settings are a little bit broken, when you click on Protection the window freezes... Is there any way to get back to latest version 10 (and keeping the license) ? Everything was working properly back then...
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