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  1. DelFix run and all is well. Again thanks Kevin - you're a great resource.
  2. Thanks for your help, Kevin. I assume we have now closed the case and the post?
  3. Here they are attached scan_180103-211350.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hi Kevin I ran FRST64 with the fixlist.txt and have enclosed Fixlog.txt (attached) I read the log file and in the result section, saw lines 3 to 7 said that five files "=> not found". However, I can still see them as screenshot below If I've got the wrong end of the stick, sorry please ignore my comment! Fixlog.txt
  5. Thanks Kevin, appreciate your help. Any idea what keeps creating the simplitec folder at start-up? I'm nervous that an unknown process creates folders, even though it's an empty one. Anyway, attached are the result of the latest FRST scans. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Kevin, Here are the log files Fixlog.txt SystemLook.txt
  7. Hi Kevin, thanks for your help. But the link http://jpshortstuff.247fixes.com/SystemLook_x64.exe leads to a 404 page for me. Should I hold fire on running FRST64 with the Fixlist? Or run it anyway?
  8. Hello, hope you can help me. When I scan my PC with Emsisoft AntiMalware (installed in the PC) "C:\ProgramData\simplitec" is flagged up as an infection. I select to delete this folder but it reappears on next power-up. This problem has been reported on this forum before and I'd like help to decide if this is a genuine infection. And if so, how to get rid of it. Thanks. Victor FRST.txt scan_171227-021824.txt Addition.txt
  9. Following up to my earlier post, I would like to add that I also run Spyshelter anti-keylogger. On Wilder Security forum, people running other security programs seem to trigger the Chrome issue. If staff member can assure me that Emsisoft is just as effective an anti-keylogger, I am happy to stop using Spyshelter. When I have time, I will try the beta version as suggested.
  10. Me too! After Emsisoft update, Chrome no longer works - freezes with an error page. Can't load browser settings either to try disabling plugins. Restoring the system to previous restore points and uninstalling Emsisoft and Chrome works again. Might investigate Kaspersky, unless Emsisoft brings up a solution fast as I don't want to rely on Windows defender! Firefox and MS Edge works but they're not my preferred software. System: Windows 10 - right up to date Ram: 16GB CPU: Intel i5 quad core Hard Disk: 500GB
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