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  1. Runc

    EIS 11 - server app ploblem

    Yes, the current beta version ( has solved the problem.
  2. Runc

    EIS 11 - server app ploblem

    I found the problem. If at the start of OS the Firewall Protection is disabled, the network services are not working. After turning on the Firewall Protection and restart the system, these services are working fine.
  3. Runc

    EIS 11 - server app ploblem

    Yes, that was the first thing I did, second - disable All Protection. And it would be very strange if this option continues to work without protection.
  4. Some server applications who create server socket and accepts connections, after upgrading to EIS 11 stopped working. For example, Serviio, debugger of MS Visual Studio 2013 (debugging C ++ is not possible). Disable All Protection mechanisms does not help. After uninstall the EIS application it works fine.