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  1. Update rule doesn't work for Universal Apps

    Hello Arthur I'm sorry for postponement. I can confirm the issue is solved in last stable version (2017.6). Thanks for your support. it is greatly appreciated.
  2. Update rule doesn't work for Universal Apps

    I sent you a pm and explain how should reproduce the issue. Please check your personal messages.
  3. Update rule doesn't work for Universal Apps

    Hello Arthur, 15 days passed, what's up?
  4. Update rule doesn't work for Universal Apps

    Hello Arthur I sent Debug logs to your support.
  5. Update rule doesn't work for Universal Apps

    Yes, I mentioned in first post that this just doesn't work for Universal App. (windows store program)
  6. Update rule doesn't work for Universal Apps

    Every time after Update same boring question. for example I Set MSN weather "allow All Connection" for both: incoming and outcoming. but after update MSN weather, EIS alerted me that this App want to connect to network. This happened exactly for BB.
  7. Hello Emsisoft team; I'm using some of universal app in my pc and every time I updating one of them I should answer to firewall (I set that firewall ask question about every connection) and BB question again and Update rule doesn't work for UWP app. Is it a bug? or maybe it's only my problem. Please Help me to find a way because answer to this question and editing this rule again as I wanted to be is very time consuming . Thank you;
  8. I experienced the issue just one time in final stable version, so I can't answer to this question. but I try to find when this issue appeared.
  9. I'm confirming this issue. I couldn't rename/delete files but when disable all EIS guard it was executable. it happened one time for me and after restart machine for "Advance debug logging" it's gone and I couldn't reproduce it.
  10. Hi. I have a suggestion. Please separate program update and database update from each other. Because maybe I didn't want update my program right now but I want update database. or add this option to Emsisoft before updating to newer version ask from user. It's one of our customers right to manage our program. Thank you.
  11. HIPS

    Hi I think behavior blocker is good but HIPS can improve the security level of our Computer. please think about it. It's really good for pro user. thank you