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  1. Hello Arthur I'm sorry for postponement. I can confirm the issue is solved in last stable version (2017.6). Thanks for your support. it is greatly appreciated.
  2. I sent you a pm and explain how should reproduce the issue. Please check your personal messages.
  3. Yes, I mentioned in first post that this just doesn't work for Universal App. (windows store program)
  4. Every time after Update same boring question. for example I Set MSN weather "allow All Connection" for both: incoming and outcoming. but after update MSN weather, EIS alerted me that this App want to connect to network. This happened exactly for BB.
  5. Hello Emsisoft team; I'm using some of universal app in my pc and every time I updating one of them I should answer to firewall (I set that firewall ask question about every connection) and BB question again and Update rule doesn't work for UWP app. Is it a bug? or maybe it's only my problem. Please Help me to find a way because answer to this question and editing this rule again as I wanted to be is very time consuming . Thank you;
  6. Hello Frank and Orlando The problem still there. I recorded a video for you to clear subject. as you will see in video, I was typing and when update process finished messenger window freeze for a moment, mouse cursors changed to loading and immediately after notification jump out everything goes fine. Good luck. PS: I sent the video in PM for Frank.
  7. I experienced the issue just one time in final stable version, so I can't answer to this question. but I try to find when this issue appeared.
  8. I confirm this issue. when auto update occurred and notification wants jump-out and simultaneous I'm browsing online(reload page, click on a link) or switch between program window, for a moment before notification coming out machine freeze for a seconds and as soon as notification coming out everything go fine. Hello Frank I think PC reset points to different issue from main topic subject and better we start new topic. I experienced it on windows 10(final build). I didn't do manual update till now but I try to check it. there isn't certain answer to this question. because it's a moment and for experiencing this issue some events must be simultaneous. I think there isn't any relation between update size an the issue. because during a working day when I turn on my PC after first update(that normally occurred 15 hours later than yesterday update) EIS updating 9 times for every one hour. and I think after first day update the size and module have small size. Note: if you need any report please don't hesitate and say what kinds of report do you need. Thank you
  9. Thank you Orlando, Do you mean if computer is off for 2 days and for example update time frame set between 2am until 6am and turn on machine in 9pm after 2days EIS start update outside of time frame in 9pm?
  10. I'm waiting for long time and nothing.
  11. I'm confirming this issue. I couldn't rename/delete files but when disable all EIS guard it was executable. it happened one time for me and after restart machine for "Advance debug logging" it's gone and I couldn't reproduce it.
  12. Hi any changes or new information?
  13. Dear Mr. Wosar, your answer is compelling and explain everything clearly. Thank you.
  14. Hello Orlando, Please watch attached video. interesting case, is happening end of the video. Logs attached. Thank you. Video&Logs.zip
  15. Hello Today I tried to reproduced issue again, but I faced with an interesting case. I was forced try more than one time to reproduce issue, because scan stopped without any problem but at the end I was able to re-create the problem. Another difference: as you saw in video, EIS hung completely, but this time just stop button didn't any response.other part work correctly (edit rule, log, etc). Even "on scan compilation" button also acted correctly. After about 15 minutes later, I stopped scan from task manager. The report was attached. If you need more reports, let me know. ScanEngineDebug.zip
  16. Hello again I'm sorry for poor English and delay to answer. you're right, but this is annoying user, lag or anything you said. I think you should fix this. this problem reminded me the problem that was: delay to start main window when user is clicking on tray icon as you fixed with this update. (New: Single left mouse click on tray icon opens Emsisoft Security Center.) thank you
  17. Hello Orlando I added registry key and tried to reproduce issue. but as you see in picture there wasn't "ScanEngineDebug.log" you mentioned in "C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft" folder.
  18. Hello Everything you should see available in attached video. also, I attached log files for you. thank you. Emsisoft.zip
  19. Hello Tatiana, No, I'm using windows 10 version 1607(OS build 14393.187).
  20. Hi I set my EIS update setting like image 1. EIS must update only at 4:00 but as you see in image 2 logs show something else and EIS update outside the time I choose. I think this issue exists on V11 too. thank you.
  21. Hi annoying issue today I was working with MS word and during that i was typing update notification Pop-up appeared and after that I couldn't type anymore because when EIS's notification window appeared it swap with MS word as main window and forced me to click on MS word window again. Remind: any answer for this problem
  22. Hi Issue: 1- I extracted a pack with 6 item that EIS found 5 of them. I clicked on "allow once" for 5 of them and then add them manually to quarantine and then "re-scan all". EIS found 5 of them and then term user in detection column disappeared for the sample that was clean. (Pic 2 and 3). 2- I submitted one of sample for you and after submission column "Submitted" column was empty as same. (pic 1) 3- a question: what's the difference between "Balanced" and "Thorough"? you Can understand better my question in video that I recorded. In "Thorough" mode I'm opening folder that have 5 malware sample but no alarm appear, just like "Balanced". Thorough mode Description said EIS scan every thing when they read but as I said no reaction happened when I opened folder with malware sample. reaction to malware samples for both mode were similar. notification appeared when I tried to rename samples. And in the end of video when I click in "scan with emsisoft internet security" in context menu you see EIS freeze for 3 or maybe 4 sec to start scan. Video Suggestion: Notification in pic 4 when EIS found 5 malware was very bad, I think you should work on it. And at the end of during these test I Faced with a error window that I sent it for you.
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