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  1. Despite 2 new versions (i just installed the last one), the problem remains. Who do i contact for a refund ? I'm gonna go for bitdefender. I can't stay without an antivirus and i don't like to be forced to buy your security suite suite with firewall just because i suddenly doesn't work anymore with comodo (whereas after researches, all other antivirus still work perfectly fine with comodo)
  2. But you'll fix emisosft soon to work with comodo right ? I don't want to have to choose between one or the other.
  3. Well i guess through the download section of the website. I only hope it won't last too much before this new version so i don't start regreting going for the emsisoft road (which have been wonderful till this incident) instead of bitdefender as i originally planned :/
  4. Emsisoft 11 not working at all on Windows 10 1511 either (other problem > can't access anything, i get a crash report about ntdll.dll and stuff)
  5. I hope we could have an answer from the developpers to at least let us know that they are working on a new version that will solve this problem...
  6. Yes, threshold 2 = Windows 10 1511 (=10586). And it's a fresh & clean installation i made yesterday (i installed from microsoft website with a Windows 10 ISO, not through the windows update process) so i didn't have the time to see if Emsisoft was working on the previous version of windows 10 before.
  7. Hi I installed the latest version of the software which is said by emsisoft itself to be "a leap in technology"...and leap there is...but not in the good sense, because version 10 was working jsut fine and now version 11 doesn't work at all. I can install it completely but once the installation process is finished a crash report pop's up Afterward, no matter where i click on the tray icon, the menu i select etc., once i clic, the same thing happens, the crash report window pop's up and i can't access anything. I've tried reinstalling etc. nothing worked, version 11 is not working at all. I'm on Windows 10 Pro 1511 (the latest version with threshold 2 update) / All updates installed. I tried uninstalling comodo and malwarebytes jsut to see and it doesn't change anything.
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