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  1. It's unusable due to constant firewall messages for all my local software despite clicking 'allow all'. I've had to restore my system to get back to a previous release then it automatically updated anyway. As ever since OA was dropped it is very high maintenance. I have now gone back to the 'delayed' release which is supposed to be stable but of course it's not as it has the firewall issues so I've had to switch it off again. I cannot switch off updates! I await a 'stable' release to test again. Bring back OA.
  2. Thank you for your support and understanding and your professional service during this difficult time.
  3. Instability? Some of us had no firewall for 9 days.
  4. "The issue arose when certain important issues were fixed in the firewall. Reverting those changes would have meant reintroducing a memory leak and an issue that allowed Offline Mode to be circumvented." Re-introducing a problem where offline mode could be circumvented is surely better than having to switch the firewall off altogether.
  5. This is surely a major bug when a firewall does not allow Windows to allocate a network drive. This should be backed out now. "If you would like a quick solution, then I recommend switching to the Delayed update feed, which will install an older version of Emsisoft Internet Security:" How much of an older version. You made a subsequent release which did not attempt to address this issue despite this issue being known to you. This should have been back-out or fixed immediately. It is extremely unprofessional.
  6. 9 days with my firewall switched off. This is just not good enough. When are you going to release the fix for this or back-out the changes?
  7. This is the 5th day I've had to have my firewall switched off. What's going on please?
  8. Quote: "Essentially Public mode assumes you are connected to something like public WiFi where you need extra security, and thus it blocks a lot more. The reason there's no mention of this anywhere in the UI is simply because it is assumed that your Windows networking settings will be configured for the type of network you are using (Home, Work, or Public) and those settings are used to determine whether the firewall should treat your network as 'Public' or 'Private'." My Windows network settings ARE configured correctly. for the type of network I am using. Your problem is that I changed t
  9. David wasn't seeing your replies to my posts in this topic. He's not aware that you were replying via e-mail, and that someone was forwarding the replies to me. ------------ QUOTE ---------- herisson: If this is so important could there be a way of highlighting this discrepancy when it arises. I changed from a public to private network and changed Windows to reflect this. ----------------------------- The documentation should mention the difference between Public and Private. You can access that at any time by opening Emsisoft Internet Security and clicking on the little question mark in
  10. Hi. I can't find any 'simple' questions that I haven't answered. I sent the logs yesterday as requested. EIS showed the network as public (which was correct until this year). Changing it to private in line with Windows has cured the problem. This raises a few points: If this is so important could there be a way of highlighting this discrepancy when it arises. I changed from a public to private network and changed Windows to reflect this. Why were the failures to connect not represented on the firewall log? And finally, why are there 2 sets of logs? There never used to be 2 sets of logs
  11. Hello, and thank you for contacting Emsisoft Support. Arthur had asked you a few questions after your last post. Did you forget those? Regardless, let's move forward. To start, please make sure both the EIS and Windows settings for your network are both set to Private or Work (but both the same). I can provide instructions if you wish. This alone should fix the problem, if they're synchronized. Second, please whitelist the Epson installation folder and driver (I won't know where these are without gathering logs, but I can do that), like this: To whitelist a program folder in Emsisoft's Fil
  12. I can't map or access a shared drive without disabling the firewall ( Network set to private. Reset firewall to default global settings. Once connection established can re-enable firewall and use ok. ALSO Can't access KODI from Android without disabling firewall. Once connection established can re-enable firewall and use ok.
  13. OK, I've uninstalled V10. Where can I download V11 from?
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