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  1. Hello, System seems to be running well. no redirects or pop-ups.....i say that holding my breath, but appears to be stable. here are the logs from today. thanks and have a great Thanksgiving! B Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_151125-135422.txt
  2. Everything ran normally. System seems to be stable, not getting any redirects or browser pop-ups. thank, B Fixlog.txt
  3. Hello, system has been running stable. I had a couple of programs try to download, JunoTV and NowUSeeIt Player. It happened when I opened RogueKiller, it gave message that version was outdated, I clicked on yes for do you want to update on the website. Don't know if it redirected or I clicked on the wrong download button....? here are the EEK and FRST logs. I was not able to run the FRST before. It ran this time. Thanks, B Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_151123-164732.txt
  4. that darn bsdriver will not go away..... thanks, B RK report.txt
  5. here is the RK report. it did not automatically save to my desktop, so I exported and save it manually. Thanks, B roguekiller report.txt
  6. here they are. both ran successfully. After running them, I ran EEK malware scan again and it looks like the only thing left that won't delete is that bsdriver.sys thank you, B AdwCleanerC1.txt JRT.txt
  7. ​Hello, I cannot remove the bsdriver, cherimoya or swsedrvr from my drivers or registry. they say I need admin permission, which I have, but will not delete. neither of the FRST downloads would run on my system. attached is the EEK scan log listing the items found. thank you! scan_151117-193109.txt
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