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  1. After running secunia, it suggests updating one program; Node.js 0.x. I clicked to update and it took me to this page: https://nodejs.org/en/blog/release/v0.10.40/ I do not know what to do from there; if I should choose between one of these; Windows x64 Installer: https://nodejs.org/dist/v0.10.40/x64/node-v0.10.40-x64.msi Windows x64 Files: https://nodejs.org/dist/v0.10.40/x64/, or if I should choose, Source Code: https://nodejs.org/dist/v0.10.40/node-v0.10.40.tar.gz. Sorry about the trouble.
  2. Per Delfix: DO you mean the one from bleeping computer, http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/delfix/ ? The link in the last reply did not work.
  3. Cool. I uninstalled firefox again, and re-installed. I have troubleshot the firefox according to their dirstions. I still see enormous lag and firefox not responding notices... Maybe this will clear up with win 10. I also read somewhere that the updated firefox doesn't work compatibly with adblock, so I removed that, and am monitoring. Thanks very much, for assist.
  4. scan results here. Should I hold off on updating to windows 10? scan_151205-011322.txt FRST03.txt
  5. Ok, here is next requested result. Fixlog.txt
  6. New scans attached. Is it possible that there is an incompatibility of firefox, the Emisoft, and the malwarebytes applications? It is definitely not the firefox to which I am accustomed. FRST02.txt scan_151203-003529.txt
  7. Okay, 5-ish hours later and I am still definitely seeing flashes of things that look like they are trying to open but do not. It is happening so much less that it seems to take several hours before I notice it.
  8. Ran both. I am adding the reports. If it isn't too much trouble, could you explain, a bit, the processes completed? Things seem ok. I am just wondering if I am now having a separate problem with firefox. It is recommend to use chrome. I have not liked using chrome and deleted it. I have also been waiting to clean out problems before I upgrade to windows 10. Friends are insisting I switch to linux, but that will pose different problems for me. The worst thing about all of this, is that I wasn't even attempting to download anything cool. Sewing machine manuals for the school..
  9. Around 7 hours later, I feel there is improvement, yet am very skeptical. I haven't seen as many problems with firefox hanging/quitting, though I feel certain I saw a flash as though something wanted to open or change. I write that un-surely because at this point, I am weary. I am sure things were running better that they had been; youtube video, netflix, nut having to reload, which was prevalent previous to uninstalling avast.
  10. As I uninstalled, a window popped up telling me that the emisoft and the avast are not compatible. I closed out and finished uninstalling using the revo pro uninstaller. I then ran the emisoft malware scanner. It found a threat and I quarantined it. I added the log in the case it has any value. I haven't noticed as yet, problems or not. I will give more time and then send an update. scan_151130-174512.txt
  11. Ok. New check after last instruction set. and log file attached. virusinfo_syscheck.zip
  12. I don't know why I keep writing POM when I meant PUM.
  13. Again, no log to be seen, and an opening to the adlice software info page about POMs. I am attaching a screen shot though I think you may not need it. Firefox is acting unusual. The flashing happens when using firefox. It freezes up often, for 30 seconds or more, before sometimes quitting, but more often just going on.
  14. Have done as last requested. No report shows on desktop. Nothing appeared in the scan window results, though a page of rk website detailing information about POMs opened. The only log I can find after doing a search is a Json file in the application's logs. I assumed this is not what was wanted. Is it possible that the flash, more like a quick stutter, and the repeated pattern of avast notifications is just the result of the avast blocking and sending to chest of trojans attempting to gain access? There have been no random ads or programs opening...
  15. As time goes on, I am seeing suspicious behaviour, flashing, long hang times. Along with the warning, that a a suspect was blocked, like above, is one that reads, "win32:Trojan-gen".
  16. A few hours later, I notice that the avast warnings have read as things like, "win32:Malware-gen" or something about a trojan trying to get in. I am trying to find how I can look at what has been blocked and stuck in the chest. I also noticed a small flash in firefox. Previously, there had a been quite a bit of that kind of activity. Otherwise, as before, things are quiet
  17. Ok. Reports are here. I haven't noticed any suspicious actions or functions. System seems quiet excepting the Avast pop ups, often with 3-4 warning messages stating that the file system shield has blocked threats. This is much more often and in a pattern than previously. I am wondering if it is the updates for the other malwarebytes or emi programs, as usually a message stating updates complete is followed by the warnings. I am hoping it is clean. Thank you for this site and for your time in particular. I wish I understood how to read these files and code. FRST.txt scan_151120-1
  18. Thank you. Here it is. It took a while. First few tries the FRST64 flashed, and quit, and then firefox quit. Fixlog.txt
  19. Not sure of relevancy, but I forgot to add, that when trying to download and run FRST, windows popped up message that it was wrong version, and the terms of use was unreadable. This happened with both versions. I deleted them and started over with the original 64 bit choice and ignored windows and ran it anyway.
  20. I attempted to down load a sewing machine manual, Then cancelled before it finished, or so I thought, as it asked to make changes, and found adware and other odd behaviour. I scanned with Malwarebytes, and found a good number of trojans and pups, and deleted, using revo uninstall pro to uninstall some things in which they were hiding, like vlc player, flash, and I deleted firefox, and then downloaded new ones. There was still odd behaviour on occasion and I downloaded emisoft antimalware and ran scans and quaratined what was suggested. There was still odd behaviour and I noticed the are
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