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  1. Understood...the problem clearly is my infrequent perusing of the forum rather than Emsisoft's inability to provide an effective fix. A paid piece of software ought to simply work - the customer should not have to enagage with developers, provide debug logs, etc.
  2. Same problem on an HP laptop and Dell desktop, both running the most up to date versions of Windows 10, 16GB RAM, i7 CPU. This has been going on for months now - no attempt by emsisoft to fix it.
  3. The WSC integration problem unfortunately remains on my two HP laptops and a Dell desktop, as does the problem of occasional excessive CPU usage. None of the updates put out since the two problems were identified months ago have been remotely useful. It's very frustrating.
  4. With all due respect, disabling/re-enabling, unistalling/re-installing are fob-offs not fixes. I wonder how many people will be rushing to renew their EAM licenses following the disastrous updates that have been pushed out since around February. Most reputable companies seem to have good offers right now; e.g., $30 for Bitdefender antivirus, whose engine EAM uses (3 devices), $28 for Kaspersky Internet Security (3 devices). I do like EAM and have been using it for many years on multiple computers, but some of us have neither the time nor the inclination to be constantly fiddling with it in order to make it work.
  5. My WSC does not recognise EAM either. Recommending that we should "uninstall EAM, restart the PC twice, and then reinstall EAM", on top of having to constantly disable and re-enable EAM components to deal with the still unfixed issue of excessive CPU usage, is uncceptable for a piece of software that is not exactly cheap.
  6. The problem is completely unpredictable. It can be fine for hours or even days and then all of sudden there will be huge CPU spikes. This is on a Windows 10, HP laptop, Intel i7, 12GB RAM.
  7. Emsi is back to its old unacceptable tricks after yesterday's Windows 10 update - Emsisoft Ptotection Service is constantly using at least 35% CPU and the laptop fans are going crazy. Completely fed up after months of this. Will uninstall.
  8. It's the a2service that's out of control on both my laptop and desktop - even worse now that I updated to 2020.3.0.10024. Everything was working fine before the two most recent program updates arrived.
  9. I've none of these pieces of software and the Emsisoft Protection Service is currently at 31% CPU.
  10. Appeared to be working OK for an hour or so, following two reboots, but the problem with the Emsisoft Protection Service is now back. Emsisoft should undo urgently whatever it was that today's program version update did. Everything was working fine before that update.
  11. I've excatly the same problem on both my desktop and laptop, running the latest version of Win 10. There's obviously something very wrong with today's update (2020.2.1.9977). Emsisoft should let us revert to the earlier version immediately or fix the problem.
  12. The problem appeared with EAM 2018.3 and continued with 2018.4.0.8631. Funny thing is the latter version runs fine alongside CFW on a Win 10 laptop (even though I did have to deactivate EAM for the April 2018 Windows update to install). Using the recent versions of EAM seems to be a bit of a lottery, not for the faint-hearted - not something you want from an expensive AV product.
  13. Problem is EAM has no firewall component. I wasted so much time on this that at the end had to replace EAM with NOD32 in order to get some work done. Good thing I didn't renew my EAM licence , which runs out soon.
  14. I have good old Online Armor. Has been running smoothly alongside EAM for an eternity - until the most recent update of EAM that is. I doubt the fault lies with OA, because the EAM problems persist.even with OA deactivated.
  15. After updating to the latest version on a PC running Win 7 Professional, 64-bit, the computer will not boot. Booting in Safe Mode and disabling the a2Antimalware service brings the computer back to life. However, it complete freezes again as soon as the a2 service is enabled. Looking at various logs, it seems to be a problem with the FWNDIS_LWF service (the device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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