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  1. Здравствуйте , зависает компьютер , но не на 20сек. как у многих , а навсегда , периодичность и действия не проследить , абсолютно хаотично , иногда каждый день , иногда раз в три дня , пока причину искали , истекли 30 дней  ,как-то можно вернуть продукт и зря потраченные деньги? 

  2. Hi! I have the same problem. With from clicking to appearance of the GUI was ~4 sec. But now (5.1.0. it takes ~10-15 sec. XP 32bit. Regards.
  3. If i tick "onExecution" then FireFoxOptimizer.exe is started without alerts.
  4. Lynx, Sorry, i think that you are don't understand my question I'm talking about "Guard" and "Scan" via context menu. When i use "Scan" via context menu then this file is detected by Emsisoft. But when i use only "Guard" and specially move, copy, add to archive with WinRAR or unpacking with WinRAR then this file is not detected by Emsisoft, as if "Guard" disabled on my system. By default i use "Additionally scan all files when they are created or modified" If i tick on "Additionally scan all files when they are read" i see the same result. Regards.
  5. Hi Lynx, Thanks for your reply! I've submitted FireFoxOptimizer.exe via detection list as false positive. It's very strange, because you are not the first who said that my problems were never reported before. (Don't think that i'm novice in computers or antivirus systems ) I'm talking about my suggestions and problems in Emsisoft Customer Center. I've attached my reports below. Regards.
  6. Hi, Why when i move or copy malware file into other folder or directory this file is not detected by Emsisoft Ani-Malware? But when i scan this file via context menu i see in scan window that file is infected? This problem in files which detected with !A2 scanning technology (not !IK) In guard options i choose second option (scan only new or changed files) It's a bug? See screens in zip file.
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