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  1. I am using the latest Windows 10 with a 17 inch 4k screen. So I use the 150% setting as the text is otherwise too small. Unfortunately my Emsisoft Internet Security notifications looks blurry... Also the UI looks blurry. Can you maybe fix this? As I otherwise appreciate your great product Thanks and a happy new year!
  2. Hi Elise, thank you for the fast answer I think I will then better just go with EIS and EMET And as I saw that you have better comparability with SandboxIE maybe I will give that a try Kind regards
  3. Hi, I am currently testing HitmanPro.Alert as an addition for Emsisoft Internet Security. I updated to the latest BETA version and tried out their hmpalert-test.exe (Exploit Test Tool) from http://www.surfright.nl/en/downloads/ But as soon as I renamed the file to just test.exe it was no longer working at all besides the Webcam and Anti Keylogger protection. Now I am a bit afraid that the protection is weaker than EMET as I can not add any programs besides the ones they support out of the box... What are your opinions about this program? Is it worth using it together with Emsisoft products or is the "Improved behavior-based detection of ransomware" of version 11 together with Sandboxie and EMET enough / better? Kind regards
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