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  1. Thank you, Dinole. I've changed decimal separator (dot => comma). Probably, in this progress bar used formula like 100-(x/y*100) and if x/y*100 returned 0 because of I/O error, it indicates 100-0 or "100%".
  2. Yes, Comodo and Windows Defender's real-time file scan is disabled. Attaching list of processes now... Scan type doesn't matter. Indicator fills from "0%" to "100%" right after preparations are made and it just started, for processes, traces, cookies and file scans the same. Here's for example two screenshots taken on same traces scan at beginning and close to end: I've reinstalled my freeware EAM to see if it fix the problem; it didn't. EAM completes every scan correctly with report saving. EEK's progress indicator is working properly.
  3. Anti-Malware 5.0 to does not show progress indicator. I mean, it show, but either "100%" or "0%" while scanning which is always incorrect. Old versions of a2 had no such problem as I recall. My system environment: Win-7 Basic x86, Comodo IS Premium.