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  1. Hi. These these days a lot of discussion is going on about the spying MS does now through Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. For Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 MS even brought out special updates for their "Telemetry" spying. MS is gathering very personal private data that way it turns out. I solved the issue -I think- by removing update KB3044374 and hiding that update so it will not be downloaded again. The same -for good measure- I did with KB3068708 and KB3083325 which I still found in Recommended updates. Since then I've not seen "diagtrackrunner.exe" any more. I use Glasswire to monitor my connections, and found this issue addressed here: http://grandstreamdreams.blogspot.nl/ There is a host of other updates that some websites recommend be deleted. (See links in the article.) So I did. But while the first one mentioned above (KB3044374) was still there "diagtrackrunner.exe" would still appear on my Glasswire monitor. Only after getting rid of that one did that tracker not appear again, as said. I emailed Glaswire about the possibility of blocking it, and they replied: "We have also been studying the Microsoft Telemetry data and how to stop it and currently it's unclear how to do so. We'll continue to investigate and hopefully write a blog post about it soon." The way I deleted the already installed updates mentioned on those websites was by going to Control Panel > Programs > Unistall a program > in the top right corner I copy/pasted -or typed in- the respective updates, including the letters KB before the number. If I see them appear again I'll hide those also. That is the reason I have "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" set in Windows updates.
  2. I had posted above: "Not sure if I should disable beta updates. I don't mind playing guinea pig for Emsisoft. ." For now I will disable beta updates. I'm sure about that.
  3. Hi Fabian, the same issue has returned after the last update which required a reboot. I've used the latest System Restore point made a few days ago, and un-ticked Automatic Updates for EIS.
  4. Thank you. Not sure if I should disable beta updates. I don't mind playing guinea pig for Emsisoft. The 2 most important safety measures next to EIS I utilize are Sandboxie and backups. Backups have saved me probably weeks of work by now. I remember after some software mishaps -or erroneous changes I myself made- I didn't know how to solve, I would be re-formatting and spending 2 days or more downloading-installing and setting it all to my liking again. That was before I discovered backups many years ago. What took me 2.5 days work then takes 25 minutes now by letting the backup do the work of restoring my machine to how it was before the difficulty arose. This freebie has worked fine for me on Windows 8.1 and it also works on Windows 7 and 10: http://www.backup-utility.com/download-for-win7.html For Windows XP and Vista users there is a link lower on that page. Their help desk has been as friendly and effective as Emsisoft's to me when I had a question once.
  5. I was watching a movie, and when it was finished though of checking in here again. See if there were any new posts. Marvelous surprise! I quickly downloaded and installed EIS again> stuck a USB stick in my notebook > copied the license > pasted it in the EIS box > switched on Beta > hit Update > Restart... my desktop seemed to be back shining at me even faster than before the issue began.... Congratulations! And Thank you! ♥
  6. Ellie, a few quick tips you might like: HitmanPro is good as a second opinion scanner, but now there is also herdProtect. It is free, and utilizes 68 scan engines. I used the Online Armor firewal for many years until I heard a while ago that it will be discontinued next year. I had EAM next to it, but switched to EIS which has the firewall integrated. But I was missing the Online Armor status monitor on which you can see all connections and amount of data coming in and going out in graphics. Until I found the free GlassWire. f.lux adjusts the brightness of your screen: during the day full bright, at night dimmed. You can adjust the dimmer settings to more or less bright, and set it to change in 20 seconds or to an hour at sunset and sunup, to change fast or slow gradually. It coordinates with your location. (My excuses for slipping this one in, dear Emsisoft. I know it's not on topic, and won't do it again.)
  7. PS: To avoid the 3 min. boot and have my 1 min. boot back I removed EIS. And if no one else has this specific issue, I feel you don't have to spend time to solve it just for me. I'm very fine with the free anti-malware I installed yesterday after I set EIS not to update anymore. It might be something particular only to my system setup. If you get messages from others concerning this issue, then of course it is important. But I'm fine.
  8. I see many Errors and some Warnings under Applications. Under Security there are 3 audit failures on 1-8-2015. Since then all Audit Success. System Logs gives Errors and Warnings. Among the Errors: "The Emsisoft Protection Service service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified." 16-8-2015 00:44:52 Service Control Manager Event ID 7000. I guess that was after I disabled all protection. There are errors on 13-8-2015 and before, but none on 14-8-2015. They are not Emsisoft errors it looks like. But how do I find errors occurred during boot?
  9. Thank you Fabian. I was able to send it to you as a zip file using the service you mailed me about as you probably already know. It's getting late here: 1:30 AM. Tomorrow -actually today already- is another day. Going to sleep now.
  10. I see 3 items after I type in C:\TEMP in my Start search bar. One is a cabinet file (1), then a Windows Performance file (2), and a text document (3). They are all related to the SDK. I checked only the Windows Performance Tool for downloading. I guess what Fabian needs is the second one. I get a message saying that the file is too big to upload. The file is 582.656 KB. I tried the basic and advanced upload options. All the EIS protection was turned off (Red Bar) but the reboot was still about 3 min. Fabian, I'll senf the file as an attachmnent to Contact.
  11. I just made a backup of how things are on my notebook now. EIS is on it, updates disabled. I had to look up how to open command prompt. I guess typing in my start search bar "cmd" will do. (Without " marks of course.) Unless elevated is something else. My screen looks like Windows 7 thanks to StartIsBack, even though my OS is 8.1. I will enable EIS updates now, let it update, and try to follow your indications. Thank you much.
  12. Thank you much Fabian. I don't know what a boot trace is, let alone how to create one. I just looked it up, but it looks a bit complicated: http://tinyurl.com/obdostg Maybe someone else with more PC knowledge than I can volunteer... If not I'm willing to try. Maybe tomorrow or the day after.
  13. After I saw some YouTube clips about Windows 10 I was glad to find this: "How to stop the Windows 10 Upgrade from downloading on your system" http://winsupersite.com/windows-10/how-stop-windows-10-upgrade-downloading-your-system I've had Windows 8.1 for a year now, using StartIsBack so it looks much like Windows 7. It still took me over a whole day's work to get everything set to my liking. I'm not about to start that again with Windows 10... plus that OS has too many whistles and bells for my taste. It can still be downloaded-installed for free for a whole year anyway. So no hurry for me. I just saw that Microsoft support for Windows 8.1 will be until October 1 2023.
  14. So your machine as faster than mine. I was used to 5 minutes reboots (complete cycle) on my previous notebook with normal hard disk. So this HP Elitebook 850 G1 (Core i5) with SSD is superfast for me. Maybe we're getting jaded... Since my EIS icon is now greyed out for having automatic updates turned off, I just installed what according to AV-Comaparatives came out as best so far this year. And that one is for free too. Although EIS is also in the top there. I'll keep EIS installed for now, and see if the team does something about this. Checking back here now and then.
  15. You mean 8 seconds with every icon appearing on your tray bar? I have 15 icons on the left side. And I mean 55 seconds from the moment I hit "Restart" so it has to go through the whole cycle. Not from starting up after it was shut down. Until now I had never timed the latter. I just did: from the moment I press the manual start button to everything appearing on my tray bar: 28 seconds. Just like you have. Only that in my case it is without the latest EIS release update. If there is no solution -like keeping the previous version but with definition updates- I will think about other anti-malware software. Which would be too bad, as EIS is excellent, and I still have 381 days left on my multi-year license. I hope the EIS team can make my reboot time as it was before -or close to it... with EIS installed on my notebook.
  16. Hi! After the release update today ( restarting my Windows 8.1 takes 2 minutes and 50 seconds: almost 3 minutes. Before this update it took 55 seconds: less than a minute. That is including having everything displayed again on my task bar. I have SDD. I used a backup made yesterday and disabled automatic updates in EIS. But obviously I want to get the updates, only not this latest one. With this latest update installed, during the restart the screen stays black for a long time, while an empty tray bar appears. On the left side of that it is black about 1 cm wide. Is there a solution to this? Or will there be one?
  17. Thank you again. It turns out that if I just set the cursor on a file, program, or external medium, and it looks marked blue, and then I right-click with the respective button below my touchpad, I don't see the EIS scan option panel appear, instead I get the other panel, and the object is no no longer marked blue. I must click on it again to get the panel with the EIS scan option. To open anything I must double-tap on my touchpad, or press the right click button below the touchpad, and then tap on "Open.". Glad this is solved now. After years I was now able to scan my external media with Emisoft. First I had EAM and now EIS. and never utilized their customized scan option so far.
  18. Thank you. I guess on my Winsows 8.1 it doesn't work, as I don't see the option appear when I right click on the device. See attached screen shot. But because as you said any malware activity would be detected and stopped by Emsisoft, including originating on the memory stick when plugged in, it doesn't really matter. That it is being detected and stopped is all that matters.
  19. Hi! I was wondering if a general scan while a usb memory stick is inserted in my laptop will also scan that stick. Or must one somehow select that specially? And if so, how?
  20. Yes, I like Online Armor much for all the information it gives. I only began to think of an alternative when I heard it was coming to an end sometime next year. Now with EIS and GlassWire I don't mis not having OA anymore.
  21. I switched from EAM and OA to EIS. At first I thought I was no longer going to have a Firewall Status monitor like OA's to see what is going on firewall wise on my machine. But then I found a perfect free substitute for OA's Internet Status monitor. Check it out scrolling down a bit here: https://www.glasswire.com/ GlassWire uses Windows' firewall, and EIS turns that off -just like OA does- but that doesn't matter, as then GlassWire still functions fully, except for its (Windows') firewall of course. In case it would interest anyone, I posted about this here: https://forum.glasswire.com/t/goodbye-online-armor-welcome-glasswire/1067/17
  22. Thank you. Yes, in the mean time I found out it disables Windows' firewall by installing EIS' 30 day trial version. What I also found out is that I can utilize GlassWire still even though it uses Windows' firewall. You might remember that I was loath to part with Online Armor, because I was so used to watching those green graphic mountains on its Firewall Status monitor, and see to whom and which counties my laptop was connected. You recommended a nice substitute for that, but later I discovered Glasswire is also giving moving data mountains, and even little flags of the respective countries connected to, just like OA does. Plus other handy features, just like OA. And I'm using the free version of it. So now that I know this, I would like to switch over to EIS and give up OA. I still have 477 and 476 days license time on both. I'll send you the keys in private.
  23. Hi! I know Online Armor disables Windows' firewall. Does the firewall of Emsisoft Internet Security do that too? Or can you have both enabled?
  24. I began using OA in 2005 on Windows xp. Mathousec was raving over it then. On the original OA forum I had asked the developer (Aussie Mike?) if he could make the Firewall Status icon automatically appear on my tray after reboots. He said it was a Windows quirk, and that he rather spend all his time keeping OA's protection functioning fine by working on the malware definitions. I couldn't blame him. So even now 10 years later -having done it on Windows xp and then on 7- I still make that little green square appear on my tray manually after every reboot on Windows 8.1... just a touchpad tap (on the tray) "Show hidden icons" > "Customize" > (scroll down) > "Show Icon and notifications" > "OK."
  25. I'm sure EIS is excellent. I saw some good reviews of it. And I've enjoyed EAM for years too already. It's just that I'm hooked on looking at the Firewall Status panel now and then, Watching those green mountains slowly move every second a bit more from the right to the left. And seeing all the little flags indicating with which countries my notebook is connected. That's all. In the mean time I've had some email exchanges with an Emsisoft colleague of yours: Arthur Wilkinson. He has been very helpful also. I had asked him if it would be possible to use OA only for it's Firewall Status monitor by shutting down all its protection, so that it would not interfere with EIS' firewall. Or if that Firewall Status monitor could be turned into a stand alone tool by Emsisoft. This is what he responded: NetStat Agent will show the countries for each connection, however it > isn't a free tool (I would believe there's a free trial): > http://netstatagent.com/ > http://netstatagent.com/images/screenshot-netstat.png > > The firewall status window in Online Armor relies on a lot of the > underlying functionality of Online Armor firewall engine to gather and > show the information it does. Making it a standalone tool would probably > take more development effort than updating Online Armor. The way it > currently works, it relies on the network filter driver from Online > Armor, which would make it incompatible with other firewalls (network > filter drivers are not compatible with each other, and all firewalls use > them). > > Best regards, > > Arthur Wilkinson > Customer Support ........................................... I'll respond to him (adding a link to this thread): "That looks somewhat similar to OA's Firewall Status panel. But I miss those green mountains... It looks like I can still enjoy OA for a year. So I realized I need not worry now what will happen after that. But I'll keep your suggestion in mind. Thank you much for your kind help."
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