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  1. Yes, I remember that Matousec stopped testing OA when Emsisoft bought it, But it was precisely thanks to Matousec that I started using OA, as it always came out in the top of best firewalls in their tests. And I'm probably not the only one who became enthusiastic about OA thanks to Matousec.


    If Tall Emu really owed them money when Emsisoft bought OA, maybe they are not so mistaken to still want it. But I admit I don't know how that is.



    I just got a big load of driver and other updates -among them for the BIOS- on my notebook, all from HP Softpaq, so I knew they were safe. In order not to have to check "Allow" and "Trust" in the OA pupups every few seconds, I disabled HIPS and put OA in Learning mode. After reboot I turned them on again of course. 


    But it made me think: I understand next year OA will be discontinued, so then I'll have to switch to Emsisoft Internet Security and its firewall. If I understand it well, all decisions for will be made by that software. I wonder how that will be. Emsisoft knows without fail what is safe and what is not? Or will I still be asked sometimes? 

  2. Hi Lode


    I don't know if you know it, but I had OA firewall on my computer when it was just proto type code.  I was with OA until it came to Emsisoft.  I fought the transition tooth and nail, and hated loosing my traffic LED.  But then I tried EIS to consider testing it.  Now I would never turn back if I could.


    You might one or two little things missing in EIS, but I can tell  you without doubt, EIS is a much better product in terns of the level of protection.  It really is the best.



    I began using OA in 2005 on Windows xp. Mathousec was raving over it then. On the original OA forum I had asked the developer (Aussie Mike?) if he could make the Firewall Status icon automatically appear on my tray after reboots. He said it was a Windows quirk, and that he rather spend all his time keeping OA's protection functioning fine by working on the malware definitions. I couldn't blame him.


    So even now 10 years later -having done it on Windows xp and then on 7- I still make that little green square appear on my tray manually after every reboot on Windows 8.1...  just a touchpad tap (on the tray) "Show hidden icons" > "Customize" > (scroll down) > "Show Icon and notifications" > "OK."             :D

  3. Let me respond to that with another question: Which things are you missing in EIS and why do you think these are helpful to protect your computer?


    I'm sure EIS is excellent. I saw some good reviews of it. And I've enjoyed EAM for years too already.


    It's just that I'm hooked on looking at the Firewall Status panel now and then, Watching those green mountains slowly move every second a bit more from the right to the left. And seeing all the little flags indicating with which countries my notebook is connected. That's all.  :blush:


    In the mean time I've had some email exchanges with an Emsisoft colleague of yours: Arthur Wilkinson. He has been very helpful also. I had asked him if it would be possible to use OA only for it's Firewall Status monitor by shutting down all its protection, so that it would not interfere with EIS' firewall. Or if that Firewall Status monitor could be turned into a stand alone tool by Emsisoft. This is what he responded:


    NetStat Agent will show the countries for each connection, however it

    > isn't a free tool (I would believe there's a free trial):

    > http://netstatagent.com/

    > http://netstatagent.com/images/screenshot-netstat.png


    > The firewall status window in Online Armor relies on a lot of the

    > underlying functionality of Online Armor firewall engine to gather and

    > show the information it does. Making it a standalone tool would probably

    > take more development effort than updating Online Armor. The way it

    > currently works, it relies on the network filter driver from Online

    > Armor, which would make it incompatible with other firewalls (network

    > filter drivers are not compatible with each other, and all firewalls use

    > them).


    > Best regards,


    > Arthur Wilkinson

    > Customer Support



    I'll respond to him (adding a link to this thread):


    "That looks somewhat similar to OA's Firewall Status panel. But I miss those green mountains...   :) 

    It looks like I can still enjoy OA for a year. So I realized I need not worry now what will happen after that. But I'll keep your suggestion in mind.


    Thank you much for your kind help."

  4. You obviously know more about market strategies than I do. I based the idea on seeing the same companies bringing out many similar products with different names and packagings. That's what it looks like on the supermarket shelves... but it makes sense what you said.


    But would it be possible to use the Internet Security suite and only OA's Firewall Status panel? By turning off all protection features of OA: Firewall, Webshield, Program Guard, and Anti-Keylogger (for example)? So OA would not interfere with Internet Security's firewall?


    I would love to switch to the new Internet Security suite while still having that Firewall Status panel. Would be great if the latter could be offered as a stand alone program.


    It's OA own fault for spoiling me for so long...  :lol:


    But otherwise I hope you can sell OA. 

  5. I see. Thanks for explaining.


    I guess there are lots of OA users of the free version. Maybe less that have the paid one. I'm one of the latter, and with such a good firewall, why not make it a paid only version? See what happens. Probably there will be those looking for other free firewalls then. But many might understand and begin to pay. If after some time there is still not enough income to make it worth keeping it going, then you can always end working on it and let it die. 


    You are a business, not a philanthropy after all... you also have to pay the rent -or mortgage- and buy the bread, just like all of us.


    That way you have nothing to lose. Just offer the paid version only and discontinue the free one. At least even the now still free users will have an opportunity to keep enjoying OA if they are willing to spend some money on it. Otherwise they'll have no OA anymore at all anyway, neither free nor paid... :).


    I find it plenty altruistic that you have let so many users enjoy OA for free for so many years already.   :wub:


    And the more products you offer the larger share of the market you have. Emsisoft Internet Security, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware, and Online Armor.

  6. If you are letting it die, it must not be worth much to you. Actually nothing. But I'm confident someone will love to buy it. Just make it inexpensive. I would buy it if I were tech-savy and wanted to dedicate time to it keeping it up. 


    Coincidentally, yesterday I saw this clip. Watch the end result at 8:57 here:


    "Best Free Firewall 2014"


    In the end as a firewall with HIPS it might still for many years be very useful to many of us. Even without updates for dangerous websites. And I will gladly keep paying for it as I've done for 9 years now.


    But have any efforts been made to offer it to anyone or let it be known it is for sale? (Besides your above post.)

  7. Once upon a time before I made backups I sometimes would spend days reformatting my laptop. Something had gone wrong for one or another reason, and I didn't know how else to get my machine back in shape again. But after I discovered making backups, since then it takes about 25 minutes to have my laptop back exactly the way it was when I made the latest backup.


    Even with the excellent anti-malware of Emsisoft, I still make use of backups now and then. Why?


    Even after all malware has been removed, there might still be a lot of problems on my laptop. The malware might have made many changes in the system while it was there -even PUPs can do that- and removing the malware does not restore my system to how it was before the malware infected my laptop if there were changes made during the time the malware was there. So then using a backup made before the malware got on my laptop comes in very handy.


    Of course removing malware can often solve any problem there was. But not always, as in the cases explained. If removing the malware solved the problem, great. That might be a lot quicker than using a backup to restore one's system. But in cases where the malware has made changes which removing the malware itself do not restore, then a backup is handy. It can save a whole lot of work.


    There are other system restore methods, but often they do not bring one's system back in exactly the same state as it was in before. While a backup will.


    Sometimes it is necessary to put Online Armor in "Learn" mode when using a backup to recover the system to a prevous state. Otherwise OA might block the backup during restart. I guess its HIPS might do that when it happens.


    I hope one can put the firewall in Emsisoft Internet Security in Learn mode also when using backups for restorations. Or that it will always allow them without blocking them.


    On Windows 7 there is a build-in backup program. All you need is an external hard drive to save the backups on, beginning with a full system backup, and then adding incremental backups to it now and then. Like after a bunch of updates you don't want to have to download and install again, or after making any changes you want to keep, including after installing new programs, or changing settings you don't want to do all over again.


    For Windows xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 - 8.1, and 10 there is a very nice free backup program availabe called "Backupper." I've been successfully using it for free for about a year now. One version can be used for Vista as well, the other is for other operating systems only.

  8. Only today did I get a phishing spam again (Apple account phishing) and again reporting it to SpamCop using MailWasher did not work. I did not get a warning or block popup from EAM anymore.


    As for adding MailWasher to the whitelist, I had done that -I thought- by adding "C:\Program Files (x86) Firetrust" (no quotation marks) to it. But I just saw that the 3 check boxes next to it for Scanner, File Guard, and Behavior Blocker were not checked. I just checked them. 


    Now it's waiting for the next phishing spam and try again.  :)

  9. Thank you for your help.


    Although I always surf and run my email sandboxed (Sandboxie) by default, I would still prefer to have Surf protection set in Alert mode. So I chose the second option. 


    Not sure how this is going to work, but MailWasher comes in a file called "Firetrust", and when I open that a long list of items appears, like applications and application extensions, 1 Config file, and 1 Text Document. They all seem part of Mailwasher. 


    Thinking that this might cover all of it I entered this in Manage whitelist: C:\Program Files (x86) Firetrust and disabled Scanner, File Guard, and Behavior Blocker for that file.


    I hope that will work so I can report phising spam to SpamCop.


    But since phishing is always supposedly from well known companies like PayPal for example, but easy to recognize as phishing, it is always possible to forward them to the real company with the special email address they have for reporting it. I suppose they'll handle the rest. (On the SpamCop forum I suggested that maybe those companies use SpamCop too... :).)


    I can do that even after Emsisoft Anti-Malware has made the popup appear I noticed. At least that was what happened, maybe due to my settings. 

  10. Hi!


    For some years I've been reporting spam to SpamCop. After forwarding the spam to SpamCop you get a reply email from them asking for a confirmation that it is indeed spam. In this confirmation request there is link leading to the spam reporting page of their website, and after logging in you confirm that the forwarded email to them is indeed spam. Then they'll let the spammer's ISP know about it.


    Because SpamCop needs the headers of the emails to find out where the spam originated, and my Opera browser integratd mail client doesn't show those headers, I use MailWasher (free version which is good for maximum 1 email account, which is all I use anyway) because it has the option to report spam to SpamCop with the headers.


    These last few days I got some PayPal and Apple account phishing spam, but for the first time some popups from EAM appeared with the message that those were phising emails (I don't remember the exact words) and that they were being blocked. It looks like a new EAM feature, which is excellent.


    I always receive all my email in MailWasher first, and then go to my Opera mail client to receive what I did not send to SpamCop in MailWasher.

    So the EAM popups with the "blocked phishing" messages appeared when MailWasher received those phishing spams.

    The thing is that since that happened I don't get the usual confirmation request from SpamCop anymore, even thought the spam still appears in MailWasher after those EAM popups, and I do the usual thing to forward the spam to SpamCop. But I suppose EAM has already blocked them, so they are "dead" so to speak.


    I wonder if this no replies from SpamCop issue is indeed due to EAM blocking the phishing spam, and if so, how to disable that otherwise excellent feature, so I can continue to report phishing spam to SpamCop.

  11. Hi!


    I have two notebooks at the moment, one with Windows 7 Professional, the other with Windows 8. (I got the one with Windows 7 today on a much better laptop, and I'll probably sell the much slower one with Windows 8.)


    But on both I often get the message -on the Firewall Status panel- that there are no active interfaces. 


    Maybe it doesn't really matter if the protection work anyway. But I don't know that.


    I used the search function on this forum and saw other post about this issue, but I don't quite understand the offered fixes.

  12. Hi!


    In the past I blocked a URL, and I would like to do it again, but I don't remember where to do it. I can't find it either.


    What I would like to block is this: "edge-star-shv-07-ams2.facebook.com:443"


    I don't have Facebook, and don't want my notebook to make contact with that organization. Anyone here know where and how to do it in OA?




    I just found it: under "Domains" > Add > ?facebook.com


    Did I do that right? Or should I also put a * after "com"? 


    I don't know what a "string" is...

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