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  1. Hi!

    I noticed that the OA shield icon was gone from my tray, and no matter what I tried I couldn't get it back on there. Only the Firewall status monitor was on it. I had also seen a to me unknown item in the OA Domains list: "pc_van_hans." I live in Holland and this is Dutch meaning "the pc of hans", "hans" being a male name. Yet I don't know any hans let alone his pc... but it is checked as "Trusted."

    Anyway, I used a recently made image backup I had saved on an external drive, and the OA shield is back on the tray. But the "pc of hans" is there also, so it was already on my laptop when I made the image.

    Maybe "hans'pc" is something completely legitimate belonging to some software I am using, but I have no idea what it could be. I have not blocked it (yet), although I found no info on it anywhere.

    I have the option -besides blocking- to delete it from the Domains list, but will that also remove it from my laptop? Or only from the list, so I will be asked again by OA for my decision in case something on my laptop related to "pc_van_hans" would seek access to that domain? Or vice versa?

    I don't see that name on my Internet connections list with 12 wireless connections, but maybe I should use the WPA2 option.


    I just set my connection to WPA2. Maybe "hans" is one of those 12 neighbours in my vicinity.

  2. Following the above link to the old OA forum about the tray issue I see:

    "You could use TaskbarRepairToolPlus! from hxxp://www(dot)kellys-korner-xp.com/taskbarplus!.htm"

    This seems to be for Windows xp only. I have Windows 7 64 bits.


    "This is a Windows 7 issue.

    This is how I correct. There are other ways but this is the easiest.

    Step 1 - Open CCleaner and select "Tray Notifications Cache". Then select Analyze and then run.

    Step 2 - Open Task Manager and kill process "Explorer.exe". You will notice that the tray and taskbar will disappear - this is ok.

    Step 3 - In Task Manager select File->New Task (Run..) At the prompt enter explorer.exe and select Open

    Step 4 - All of your tray icons will now be visible. You will have to select those that you want to Show Icons and Notifications."


    About CCleaner:

    Only in "Register" did I see a scan option. I had it scan everything, and it corrected 17 items.

    I also did the Task Manager thing, but only the same icons I always have on the tray appeared again, nothing else. So still no OA monitor, only the shield. :rolleyes:

    Then I tried this one for removing old obsolete tray icons, and it did remove them:


    but although almost all icons had disappeared -except for 3 default ones- and I set all back again, only OA's handy green square did still not return automatically after the next reboot.

    I also found the above mentioned CCleaner scan/cleanup old icons trick in a post on the first page of the last given link -and now understanding it, tried it- but still no OA monitor icon after reboot, so back to clicking on the tray > Properties > (etc.)

    I guess I'll have to live with this unbearable pc crippling disaster... :D

  3. Hi!

    I have been a happy utilizer of OA for years now, but I noticed that after every reboot the handy green little monitor square disappeared from the tray, and I have to get it back there by clicking on the tray bar > Properties > etc...

    Is there a way I can keep it appearing there automatically after reboots? The OA shield already always does that.

    (I am using Windows 7 64 bits.)

  4. Thank you catprincess.

    It looks like I made a mess of things. My previous license had not expired yet on my dying laptop, and I installed the trial version on my new one. This trial version expires in 3 days. Some time ago I paid for a 3 year renewal -€59- but on my User Account Overview page it says: "License number 1 expires in 338 days" and under Licenses: "License start: 2/6/2011, License end: 2/7/2012"

    I received a license key with my order, and that is the one I tried to use. Then I saw that the PC name on the order was still for my previous laptop.

    I don't have the e-mail anymore with the license key. Accidentally I deleted it together with other e-mails, and emptied the waste basket.

  5. Hi!

    My old laptop more or less "died" a few weeks ago, so I bought a new one. My OA Premium license was expiring also, so I bought a new 3 year license yesterday. But the license key does not activate it on my new laptop, and on My Licenses page my obsolete laptop still appears -I can see that by the name- and the new license is valid for that one, not for my new one yet.

    On My Licenses page it says:

    "Your key has been used on the maximum number of computers. If you want to transfer your key to a new computer, then click the remove installation icon next to the appropriate install. Please note: this action cannot be undone."

    I don't understand what exactly is meant by "click the remove installation icon next to the appropriate install."

    My dysfunctional laptop only still works somewhat in safe mode, and I checked to remove OA Premium from it, but it looks like it is not installed on it anymore, I must have removed it already some time ago when I downloaded/installed OA Premium on my new laptop.

    How do I go about this?

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