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  1. I went in to my profile checking out license, and when my renewal is up and I see this to the right (Install Protection) which I can click and install? what is it and why would I install this when I have the full software package protection already on my PC ? I've had for almost 2 years. 🤔 Thanks
  2. Yea maybe good question. Since the new version updates files in Program Files and or/(86x) and the new version of 1903 does the same something could have been conflicted. I appreciate the feedback. I'm glad its fixed.
  3. I'm on the Stable feed. All seems well. I think 1903 needed to be installed (and thats running superb) since I DL'd it and was waiting and new version of Emsisoft came down and something got stepped on.
  4. Installed Windows 10 1903 enabled the software and rebooted its back to normal. Whew! Heres whats under about.
  5. Thats from Programs and Features in Windows 10 I took a SS to show version. (Latest version according to the pop-up window I got a few days ago saying Emsisoft had been update to a new version) I assume its the current stable feed if anyone could confirm. The date showing 5/13/2018 It was probably originally installed then. I bought a license for the software a while back. I'd have to check my records for exact date.
  6. ok thanks i'm a PC Tech/ Sys admin by trade so I can try that. But what I don't follow is this is how the window used to open I believe. I'm using my LG 55' as my monitor for my Desktop PC. I can still see all the icons on the left side but when clicking any it does not display. This has something to do with the Window size? and what would have changed? Thanks
  7. Would this have anything to do with downloading Windows 1903? I DL'd it 2 days ago and I have a scheduled restart at the end of the week when i'm home to monitor it and install. Not sure if this could be related.
  8. Updated version from Emsisoft said new version as i've seen in the past now when trying to open security overview I get this. I have to end task to close it. How do I correct this? PS It was working perfectly fine a day ago and I have viruses or malware on my PC.
  9. ok great I will try that tonight and when I went back into DCOM the settings/permissions were already back to what I originally had. I ran SFC a few times didn't find anything so those settings being back could have been from the sys restore I did. I think the issue comes back when Windows Defender has an update but no idea why its messes with GeForce Experience.. and removes my pinned icons. Seemed ok last night but it was that way for a few days then BAM messed up again. I will try that suggestion tonight thanks again i'll post back.
  10. I think I know what happen. I was getting and still am Event 10016 DCOM error to one particular entry and i've done my home work on granting permission, taking over the two registry keys associated with this to Administrator - tons of threads on this going back to Windows XP. I know it says these are harmless but when your EV is clean as a whistle and you have this one entry it bugs ya. Granting the permissions to exactly what says doesn't have permission doesn't fix the issue. I've done this in the past and no issues - this one won't seem to 'fix' I changed the Access permissions to default just last week to see if the issue would somehow go away. Under Component Services - Windows Management and Instrumentation Properties is the service that is generating all those errors. Fixes on the web are to start/restart the service. I'm going to put it back the way it was and ignore this DCOM error in EV and move on with life. Its pretty much a brand new W10 Alienware Aurora R7 built to the hill. We'll see if going back to what I had it fixes this dilemma.
  11. Just turned my PC on its back Defender now is default again. Geforce won't launch either says there was a problem... i'm uninstalling that for now. I have no idea whats going on here. And I see a new task added searching Google now. Running virus can full scans nothing shows up.
  12. ahhhh ok gotcha wasn't thinking in W8.1 as Windows :) all good.
  13. ok thanks it seems to be running fine. I assume maybe a sys restore that would have gone back weeks would be an issue. Lucky I just had to go back a week.
  14. Hi where do I find this version? Am I on the latest? I see you mention 8.1