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  1. Was able to use a2s to delete the first 6 files after I deleted the last five manually. Didnt have all saved to desktop so did the last five then used a2s luckily to remove the remaining ones. now both comp check out clean. It even cleaned up my scan by asp which now shows no trojans. think they were same with diff names. iseeyouxp put a password stealer on comp but wasnt worried since new where it came from. now deleted by uninstalling iseeyou. thanks much for sticking with problem. alot said not active just traces but it went to my other comp on same network.
  2. removed the keys by uninstalling bd , used bd removal tool also. thanks for all the time . have to remove on 2nd comp also but will unhook cable to vista one first so cant spread back to vista. xp same network. have no files found on scan.
  3. trouble with each reg file. took pic. want delete tried all but some in the middle.
  4. did try again and wouldnt let me upload the file in txt. so took pic.
  5. forgot sophos did find 9 files that were deleted. but none that were found in a2s scan.. was told they were not active keys.
  6. first time frozeup next 2x gave bsod. so can not run. have sophos on comp and ran it few days ago and didnt locate anything. have ran ger weeks ago and nothing seen.
  7. didnt find ok but did click scan after the selection of each tab. no items found.
  8. could these reg files just be left over traces of fake av? that are not active. or do you feel these are active trojan? Can not find in reg keys. hidden in location shows on scan .
  9. It started in english and I saw a save log and clicked on before scanning. did save to log in folder. whiles scanning my av found win32 bagle swq. took scrn prt to show..2 times. one file is html want upload. tried to show scan data saying nothing found.
  10. can not find log files in avz folder on desktop. tried to find in c drive but didnt see. base looks like files for program itself. can not open some of others. none say log.. need help.
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