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  1. I suggest you to use Emsisoft Internet Security Pack 6.0, http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/internetsecurity/ Both are solid and good protection. As for Mamutu Emsisoft Anti-Malware have all the functions that Mamutu have. You don't need to have them both.
  2. My avatar looks stretched . Can you turn it back anyway?
  3. Hi Jump, I removed your E-mail address for prevention spam.
  4. FreeStyle on Wikipedia B) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeStyle_Street_Basketball
  5. @davidecosta I noticed the false positive have been fixed with latest signature update today. Cheers!
  6. Hi davidecosta, Please read this post http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/1885-submitting-suspected-false-positives-for-analysis/
  7. I think Jude was asking to post HJT log to take a look what's going on.
  8. Fabian,I have one concern.If you decide to use dual engine on the on-access scanner probably we'll get a lot popups of Cookies warning when surf the web.
  9. Where are the German speaking developers here?They speak German and they should well know this case.
  10. We'll have Anti-Mare for Linux/Window Mobile/Android/Symbian They will need Java and Android developers Just kidding
  11. Hey Lynx, Thank you for reply.I confirm it works fine now. Happy holiday!
  12. Today I try to update update EEK process won't finish and stopped at here. Restart the application update is OK. Nothing much,just let you know.
  13. The news board looks much neater.
  14. Twister?I love it for you can get a life-long licence by paying reasonable amount of money,secondly it updates every hour so...Very strong against 0-day threat. Please take a look at VB100 reviews of it you will be amazed to find it very vulnerable at family virus. I will consider Twister to be good partner of EAM.Run a test to make sure they get on well with each other before that.
  15. There are no boundary of malware and protection and I believe Emsisoft will protect you no matter in USA or China. I've lived in China for a while using Emsisoft product and it did very good job.
  16. Lynx, ...was asking antoplay issues not flaggings&scans. Let's make it easier.I found something on Wikipedia that may help you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autorun.inf#Inf_handling
  17. Never post direct malware(pending) link on a pubic forum.It shall be removed at once.
  18. It's high time to tell user which is harmful or not.Most users don't have enough knowledge about malware and you can't expect us everyone to be professional. Flagging only folders is not reasonable at all since the trace cookie and folder pose no harm at all.By my standard the PC is clean but got too many flagging of this kind that may only upset users. There above are personal notes.
  19. Just few more questions: Your hardware is kinda strong but your security is indeed overdone as Lynx mentioned. Which version of Windows XP you are using?32bit or 64bit? Raid surely improves HDD speed but data will collapse when one hard disk down.Be careful with it.
  20. I got warning from avira too.No matter on demand or on access scanner reported that issues.
  21. I think you should the log into removal section where expert may give useful advices.
  22. I rename eicar_com.zip to eicar_com.exe and use shell menu to scan it still found nothing. For Custom scan it found everyone For shell scan found nothing no matter what file extension it has(I means renamed zip&rar file)
  23. Negative Boss. I scan with shell extension but found nothing using default settings.I don't like to add *.rar or zip to extension filter.Maybe they think archives never represent theat?
  24. I found new version no longer detect malware in rar&zip files.
  25. 90MB update!This is the biggest update I have ever seen!
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