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  1. One of my clients has an infection this is the verbiage- C:/Windows/System32/inetcpl.cpl is infected. All these files are essential for Windows to work, you can’t delete or quarantine them now. The removal experts on the Emsisoft Forum will help you to safely remove this detection for free:
  2. emsisoft is still identifying a registry key as Backdoor.Bedep (A) and is unable to quarantine or delete-my client is getting more upset as the days go on and we are unable to correct this issue-please advise
  3. Emsisoft still finds Backdoor.Bedep (A) but is unable to remove it the registry key indicated is not present see attached logsJRT.txtQuarantine.logFixlog.txt
  4. please help emsisoft will not remove backdoor.bedep (a) and the registry key does not exist Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_151209-171638.txt
  5. thanks for the info-this seems a bit much to me-I am going to have to drive 40 mins to clients site and do this- I usually work on this machine remotely is there any way to do this remotely ??
  6. emsisoft is unable to remove this backdoor the registry key does not exist please advise as my client is a bit frustrated