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  1. let's close the topic. System running ok. Tks for your help on this.
  2. here are the logs system running normally Rgds a-w In the meantime, I got another answer saying that the virus may not be a virus, after all? Answer from another organization said: According to the information on the Internet, this address belongs to a legitimate email service. If you have received an email with such link from a website you subscribed to, then it means that the website is using their services to send and track emails. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. All the best, and thanks again! Kevin K. Technical Support Department Unremoved Parasite I get an email from a domestic site which I used to trust. If I click on a browser link to a news story instead of going to their site I get an error message that trk.cp20.com can't be opened. This is not the normal site name (normal site name has to do with football). I think that a virus called trk.cp20.com virus is taking me to its parent site (or trying too). It has corrupted the call to a brower to visit an original site, always taking me to trk.cp20.com instead FRST_15-11-2017 09.54.35.txt logs.db3
  3. anonymous said: Hello andrbea, I'd love to help you rid yourself of this problem. Since you're already on the emsisoft forums, I'm just going to guess that you already tried Emsisoft Emergency Kit? Sometimes Hitmanpro's free trial does a good job of cleaning new malware, you can give it a shot by clicking http://get.hitmanpro.com Let me know if you have any luck with that. hitman scan done, but no threats found Seems that hitman doesn't know the trk.cp20.com virus
  4. How do I clean my PC of this?: trk.cp20.com virus Addition_12-11-2017 17.16.05.txt FRST_12-11-2017 17.16.05.txt Forensics_171112-165110.txt logs.db3 Nov12-Scan_171112-165028.txt
  5. here is the log there is another problem too IF I run Emisoft Emergency kit for malware it says a clean result, no problems However, in Chrome (my browser), I am getting ads open as unwanted tabs. Could the reason be : Exclusiverewards.deeq.info pop-up virus see: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-exclusiverewards-deeq-info/ and why does your kit not find this virus? how can I remove it? Fixlog.txt
  6. with each Emisoft Malware scan this file is found. so I quarantine it At the next scan it is re-found, etc, etc So your program never actually eliminates it? The problem is SecHijack (A) Help Tx Andrew Beavis Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160704-213555.txt
  7. here are the oldest logs Addition_23-07-2015_09-57-11.txt FRST_23-07-2015_09-57-12.txt FRST_12-12-2015_10-10-14.txt scan_151211-202002.txt
  8. the Emisoft security program said contact our experts to remove infected file windows/system32/newdev.dll
  9. yes, no crashes or hanging PC anymore. I also changed email programs (from unsupported Mozilla thunderbird to a paid version of Postbox 4). Tkls for all your help. The PC has had a good makeover, with your help. We can close the ticket I think.
  10. here are the files all is running crisper and faster than it used to be. Although installing an extra 4MB RAM may be the cause too (from 4 to 8 MB) Other differences too, eg a better font and resolution in YouTube. Sound has improved too. Were there trojans on my PC, slowing me down? Tks for the intervention and good advice. Rgds Andrew scan_151219-094308-dec 19.txt FRST-dec 19.txt
  11. did what u asked, 3 files attached AdwCleanerC1.txt JRT.txt Fixlog.txt
  12. here U go Addition_23-07-2015_09-57-11.txt FRST_17-12-2015_12-14-59.txt
  13. will re-run FRST tomorrow. Had to stop for 2 days as my main PC was in the repair shop (for a 4MB RAM extensiion)
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