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  1. Hi, good day. well my subject is clear enough , in this test : ( i dont know why these links go in 404 error ! ) we seen Emsisoft had almost 100% ZeroDay Protection ! which was great ! but in recent test : well was not what we expected really , so i just open this topic to know ( if it is possible ) what happened ? and why Emsisoft Protection Score in Av-Test had fall ? * Of course we know Emsisoft in Real World Av-Com test was great like always , so there is problem in Av-Test way ? or something we could know ? well Emsisoft, could you please talk about this matter with your users ? Regards, Parham.
  2. Hi dear Fabian ! Thank You for the answer . i appreciate that but dear David Bigger in Emsi Support said me for this problem : user trying to bypass ( or something like that ) his security if he want use something like VPN extensions... he said there is nothing for us to fix it , if you are trying to confirm what Emsi Support said , I insist that you're in mistake i dont know and also i dont want underestand these Technical answers ( something what Supports answered me with that ... just some technical answeres and something about privacy ! ) i just trying to say this matter ( whatever Emsi Support trying use that for excuse ) just Applies for Emsisoft ? i use almost all of Antivirus Softwares ( norton - mcafee - gdata - drweb - panda - bullgaurd - webroot - ... ) so why ... please answer this question : Why they can still protect users even they use Vpn extensions ( something like Hoxx Vpn extension ) ? if this is a privacy problem i dont know or Technical limitaion ... i dont know ! what is important this is >> Customers Safetly ! and your customers your users ... Emsisoft Lovers ! are not safe ! when they use something like these VPN Extensions ! are you trying put some conditions for Customers safetly ?( for example : dont use Vpn Extensions or you are not protected ? ) i recently send an email to this Address : [email protected] i dont know you manage that email or someone else ... but i was trying to make you aware of this matter ( technical limitation or whatever Emsi Support named it ! )... Kind Regards, Parham.
  3. GT500 , thanks for the answer i think if Emsisoft provide a Special Extension for web gaurd( like what 99% companies have, for example Norton - Bitdefender - Kaspersky - Webroot - Avast - AVG ... ) this problem ( this is a problem , i'm sure , but Emsisoft said there is nothing for fix ! ) everything is going to be Ok ! *But if you insist to say everything is Ok ! so go ahead Continue to what you doing and tell to your Customers you do wrong , and it is not Emsisoft mistake Kind Regards Parham
  4. Hi, any idea in 3 last days? Up.
  5. Thank you for the answer in fact i am using Hoxx vpn extension( google chrome ) , and when i'm not connect to vpn and go to this link : nothing download , but when i connect to vpn and go that site , i see malware downloaded !
  6. Thank You for the answer GT500 , about this part of your anmswer: I know our Surf Protection doesnt work with a proxy why? sometimes users connect to internet with proxy , or https o something like that ... or for example vpn , so they not need protection? for example righ now i am connect to internet with a vpn , so i am not protected?( in internet searching ) ?maybe i go to a phishing site or something like that ... is it true or i am in misunderstanding ?
  7. Thank You dear Jeremy for your answer i hope get give an answer from Emsi Support and sure about your idea or another ideas
  8. Hello I have a problem with phish protection in Emsisoft(IS) When i go in a for example here i have a phish site( Emsisoft say this site is a phishing ) : so i go in this site with VPN , Emsisoft dont block the site but then i go this site without VPN , Emsisoft block this site as a phishing site ! so what do you think , is it normal ? :-? Kind Regards -Parham
  9. Hello i think its a bug in EIS , when i go this way --> EIS >> Settings >> General >> Factory Defaults >> Reset counters then i go to Overview , Logs counter is reset ( 0 again ) but Quarantine Not reset ! still is for example 101 .. so is it normal? i dont think so :-? -Regards Parham
  10. Mr.Pr

    is normal my EIS memory usage?

    thank you Aura for the answer , can you please share your EIS memory usage with me? is for you about 60 mb too?
  11. Hello, there is 5 days i found out my EIS protection service use about 60-70 mb of my memory . but before that , every time i checked my EIS memory usage was about 2-8 mb ! am i infected? or it's normal !? or unormal ? or something else? Thank You
  12. Excuse Me , Hi again , any answer for my last Post ?
  13. thank you for the answer Mr Wosar . You Do not intend to provide that version ? I wish the company's future plans share with us, you know? we have Emsisoft News forum , but we dont see any news or plans ... for Emsisoft future... if you tell us ! if you Share ( at least some plans ) to us ! Would create more intimacy between us and Emsisoft ... in the End , i hope you undrestand my mean ... i'm not good in English language , but i'm trying say my ideas my Wishes , and it's all about Emsisoft improvement This is what all of us want. Thank You for your time .
  14. Sorry i was in mistake, i have my Question yet so please let me know my answer thanks.
  15. Mr.Pr

    Help , i think i am infected

    All wokrs Done Mr. Zoll Thank You.