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  1. Hello, Well title is the question. And i'd like to know if Emsisoft protect the system from being used for mining without user knowing? like there used to be some programs that used to do that when they were open in system Thanks!
  2. every product has to fail at some point, we don't have a 100% protection with any Anti-Virus out there but good thing is that you've reported it, and that Emsisoft Behavior Blocker can get new rules added to so they'll probably deal with it 💬
  3. Hello, i had the same problem many times, as you've mentioned you had ESET installed on your system before installing Emsisoft. and as far as i've understand Emsisoft detect the Firewalls because there some of the Antivirus' files you had installed before Emsisoft left in the registry. so it will detect it as Firewall. it's not a big deal ant it does not really effect your protection But if you just like me, like to have that part clean you can send an email to the Emsisoft support and they'll fix it for you ( they might do it here in forum too )
  4. the problem sounds fixed now i didn't reproduce since last week and i just checked it again, i can see the result of verifying with AM Network now not sure what was the problem however
  5. i could see that too, my problem is that i did not see the "result" of that verifying status with Anti-Malware Network. i just saw that it's checking. but in the screenshot that Arthur provided, we can actually see the result of that verifying thats the point of the whole thing right? user see that if file is SAFE or not by Anti-Malware Network so he/she can like decide that if BB blocking the file is false positive or something..
  6. i'm sure my Internet connection is not faster than yours considering you was able to see the result of the action and again considering i'm from Iran and the Average of Internet connection speed is about 2Mbit/s here so it is definitely not because my connection speed is fast enough, cause if mine is fast enough then yours is faster for sure and yet you was able to see the thing you know.. hope you get my point. why we should not consider the reason might be that my system could not connect to Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network( it's not this cause i've had malwares blocked by AM Network )? or something went wrong i don't know
  7. i'm really confused about this then. would you please check this video i've recorded about the problem i'm facing? it just skip the verification or what? does this text shows up only when a file recognized as SAFE by Anti-Malware Network or i'm missing something?
  8. i'm pretty sure that there is no custom rule for any applications in my EAM but i did that and still i just get the message that the program is being blocked by behavior blocker or Anti-Malware Network and that's about it. can you provide an screen shot of the actual message that should have pop up with that settings being on? lookup notification i mean
  9. the thing is i did not see the action you're talking about. i've executed so many samples so far with BB set to show lookup notifications 🤔
  10. Thanks @GT500 how about this one?
  11. yes i have Look up rep set and yes i tested files with suspicious behavior that BB blocked them, i did not see any difference in the alret or anything from EAM when i've unchecked that auto allow programs with good rep well this is the easy part, i'd like to know what happens if i did not have that auto allow checked 🤔 like it won't allow the program to run? or something? i think it might be something that works when we set the BB to "Alert" not auto resolve actually, then it will also ask for programs that have good rep also? not sure tho and i also did not notice any difference between when BB set on "auto resolve with lookup notification" and "auto resolve and notification for threats only" like i have ran some samples that i had and checked both options there were no difference like at all.
  12. Hi the option i'm asking about is this in Advanced section: and what happens if we check or uncheck it, this was checked by default i think i've unchecked it to see if there be any difference or not and i did not see any difference 🤔
  13. Hello. is there any plan to add these kind of protection to EAM in the near future? like adding a privacy tab in software or an option for BB to alert if a program tries to access to webcam or microphone?🤔 Thanks!
  14. well i just had a response from someone in Quality Assurance: first response from Emsisoft support for me, in most of the cases took almost 16-18 hours. not sure why i'm not between those many cases maybe they response faster if you email the problem to them and not through not sure but at least the Head of Support is going to hear this
  15. i've just sent them a feedback to this address: [email protected] it might answer your case as well, i might share their response to the feedback if there be any. but Emsisoft have started offering Chat Support as well recently, and it's available most of the times during weekends in my experience. for the email support i had a response always within 24hours ( i'll send the email from tho, if chat is not available ) i've sent a feedback anyway we'll probably have an answer. at the end don't forget Emsisoft Behavior Blocker is there for us 24/7 and it's so d**n strong