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  1. the problem sounds fixed now i didn't reproduce since last week and i just checked it again, i can see the result of verifying with AM Network now not sure what was the problem however
  2. i could see that too, my problem is that i did not see the "result" of that verifying status with Anti-Malware Network. i just saw that it's checking. but in the screenshot that Arthur provided, we can actually see the result of that verifying thats the point of the whole thing right? user see that if file is SAFE or not by Anti-Malware Network so he/she can like decide that if BB blocking the file is false positive or something..
  3. i'm sure my Internet connection is not faster than yours considering you was able to see the result of the action and again considering i'm from Iran and the Average of Internet connection speed is about 2Mbit/s here so it is definitely not because my connection speed is fast enough, cause if mine is fast enough then yours is faster for sure and yet you was able to see the thing you know.. hope you get my point. why we should not consider the reason might be that my system could not connect to Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network( it's not this cause i've had malwares blocked by AM Network )? or something went wrong i don't know
  4. i'm really confused about this then. would you please check this video i've recorded about the problem i'm facing? it just skip the verification or what? does this text shows up only when a file recognized as SAFE by Anti-Malware Network or i'm missing something?
  5. i'm pretty sure that there is no custom rule for any applications in my EAM but i did that and still i just get the message that the program is being blocked by behavior blocker or Anti-Malware Network and that's about it. can you provide an screen shot of the actual message that should have pop up with that settings being on? lookup notification i mean
  6. the thing is i did not see the action you're talking about. i've executed so many samples so far with BB set to show lookup notifications 🤔
  7. Thanks @GT500 how about this one?
  8. yes i have Look up rep set and yes i tested files with suspicious behavior that BB blocked them, i did not see any difference in the alret or anything from EAM when i've unchecked that auto allow programs with good rep well this is the easy part, i'd like to know what happens if i did not have that auto allow checked 🤔 like it won't allow the program to run? or something? i think it might be something that works when we set the BB to "Alert" not auto resolve actually, then it will also ask for programs that have good rep also? not sure tho and i also did not notice any difference between when BB set on "auto resolve with lookup notification" and "auto resolve and notification for threats only" like i have ran some samples that i had and checked both options there were no difference like at all.
  9. Hi the option i'm asking about is this in Advanced section: and what happens if we check or uncheck it, this was checked by default i think i've unchecked it to see if there be any difference or not and i did not see any difference 🤔
  10. Hello. is there any plan to add these kind of protection to EAM in the near future? like adding a privacy tab in software or an option for BB to alert if a program tries to access to webcam or microphone?🤔 Thanks!
  11. well i just had a response from someone in Quality Assurance: first response from Emsisoft support for me, in most of the cases took almost 16-18 hours. not sure why i'm not between those many cases maybe they response faster if you email the problem to them and not through not sure but at least the Head of Support is going to hear this
  12. i've just sent them a feedback to this address: [email protected] it might answer your case as well, i might share their response to the feedback if there be any. but Emsisoft have started offering Chat Support as well recently, and it's available most of the times during weekends in my experience. for the email support i had a response always within 24hours ( i'll send the email from tho, if chat is not available ) i've sent a feedback anyway we'll probably have an answer. at the end don't forget Emsisoft Behavior Blocker is there for us 24/7 and it's so d**n strong
  13. the explaination that i've found in the other topics of the same forum answered the Q completely, i'll copy/paste it for those who might have the same question in the future: as for the extension problems in Firefox it seems that Emsisoft developers are already aware of that and it is not that much of a deal that they feel it is needed to be fixed yet ( after 3 years if i'm not wrong? )
  14. this response did not really answered the question here but thanks for the response yet the problem is not solved i even did a fresh reinstall of my windows cause i was playing with so much AVs during last months so i wanted to be sure that there is something wrong here Update: it solved, it seems it was not detected by Emsisoft and VT was wrong about the URL getting blocked by Emsisoft. Question, you've mentioned that extension catches results. that we already know, but where it does catch the results and how it getting updates? is it with software getting update every hour? or it's like checking real-time Emsisoft cloud database or somewhat like that? that's 1 Q, another Q, i have submitted a phishing URL to Emsisoft today and it seems you added it to the database but it getting detect and blocked by Emsisoft web protection(as malicious host) not the extension, so it seems there is a difference here that i'd like to know about if possible? Thanks! Update: more things i've noticed with the Emsisoft extension, in chrome i've tested when you visit a website for example and you want to report that website to Emsisoft, well you click on the extension icon and click the blue text that telling you to report the website, when you click on it the text changes to "Site reported. Thank you!". so everything is how supposed to be but the problem is that the text and the link will not refresh to what it was and by that i mean the text that telling you to report the website. it just remains as "Site reported. Thank you!" no matter how much you wait an hour or 2 ( i went to 2 hours so far. ), the text only refresh when you restart chrome. so this is chrome problem. now there is some kind of the same problem in Mozilla Firefox, but the difference is that when you click to report the website you're visiting, in Firefox actually nothing happens and the text will not even change to "Site reported. Thank you!" and it's like it just doesn't work no matter how many times you click on it, it just does not work.🤔
  15. Hi. so i just saw something strange, there is a phishing site that Emsisoft do detect it as phishing at VT but in my system the site is not blocked by Emsisoft my extension at least it says it's up-to-date software database is also up to date. it's been an hour that i'm keep checking the URL it is still not detected on my system .. i thought Emsisoft extension get it's database real-time from cloud or somewhat like that? so this kind of difference or delay is kinda strange? Regards,
  16. it really seems that Users education is the best solution here and user itself can be the most important layer of protection against MITM some article about Attack techniques and prevent methods:
  17. @GT500 @Kevin Zoll are you going to update it after all? it just doesn't feel good when we see that message..
  18. Hi got a question about the mentioned feature do you have any plan to add such a feature in the future? if you don't may i ask why is that? is it because you think no ransomware is going to bypass the BB? Regards,
  19. can't you help me tell the program to not expect to load a string information? cause it just keep popping up. any suggestion to solve it?
  20. Hi. so i have a problem started this morning, a strange error keep popping up on the startup i will attach a screenshot of it and the name of the file causing the error is Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor, not sure if i got kind of virus or its just windows itself kidding me. scan_200423-233248.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  21. Hi so i had a Q about EAM Behavior Blocker cause i can't just find any white paper etc to see how it works actually the Q is that does EAM BB learn how malwares act and stuff like machine learning u know.. the main concern is so we submit an undetected malware to the Emsisoft malware analysts, they will detect it as malware and will add it to the database, so EAM will detect the malware itself from now on, but what about the upcoming malwares with the "same" behavioural algorithm you know? does the behavior blocker learn the algorithms as well? so it can be a self progress or something as well ? Regards,
  22. Hi dear Fabian ! Thank You for the answer . i appreciate that but dear David Bigger in Emsi Support said me for this problem : user trying to bypass ( or something like that ) his security if he want use something like VPN extensions... he said there is nothing for us to fix it , if you are trying to confirm what Emsi Support said , I insist that you're in mistake i dont know and also i dont want underestand these Technical answers ( something what Supports answered me with that ... just some technical answeres and something about privacy ! ) i just trying to say this matter ( whatever Emsi Support trying use that for excuse ) just Applies for Emsisoft ? i use almost all of Antivirus Softwares ( norton - mcafee - gdata - drweb - panda - bullgaurd - webroot - ... ) so why ... please answer this question : Why they can still protect users even they use Vpn extensions ( something like Hoxx Vpn extension ) ? if this is a privacy problem i dont know or Technical limitaion ... i dont know ! what is important this is >> Customers Safetly ! and your customers your users ... Emsisoft Lovers ! are not safe ! when they use something like these VPN Extensions ! are you trying put some conditions for Customers safetly ?( for example : dont use Vpn Extensions or you are not protected ? ) i recently send an email to this Address : [email protected] i dont know you manage that email or someone else ... but i was trying to make you aware of this matter ( technical limitation or whatever Emsi Support named it ! )... Kind Regards, Parham.
  23. GT500 , thanks for the answer i think if Emsisoft provide a Special Extension for web gaurd( like what 99% companies have, for example Norton - Bitdefender - Kaspersky - Webroot - Avast - AVG ... ) this problem ( this is a problem , i'm sure , but Emsisoft said there is nothing for fix ! ) everything is going to be Ok ! *But if you insist to say everything is Ok ! so go ahead Continue to what you doing and tell to your Customers you do wrong , and it is not Emsisoft mistake Kind Regards Parham
  24. Thank you for the answer in fact i am using Hoxx vpn extension( google chrome ) , and when i'm not connect to vpn and go to this link : nothing download , but when i connect to vpn and go that site , i see malware downloaded !