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  1. yes that is correct , but i use that sometimes for scan and another side that ask about files before remove ... so we can click on trust this file
  2. yes right now i have Emsisoft + MalwareBytes + Herdprotect on my own system thanks my friend that is very powerfull
  3. Thanks dear siketa Actually my friend say is will be better if i use second and third opinion scanner ( zemana + malwarebytes ) what do you think? ( because i'm test and run the malwares 24/7 )
  4. Thanks Elise yes it is not necessary , just in case i want a second scanner in my system well i want to know what do you think about that three opinion scanners... but i think malwarebytes is better than others... anyway i'm waiting for another ideas
  5. Hello i have Emsisoft IS in my own system, But i want a second opinion scanner ... between these which is better ? - MalwareBytes - Hitman Pro - Zemena AntiMalware Thanks
  6. Salam pars e aziz chi shod shoma ekhraj shodi ye dafe !

  7. yes This only happens when extracting the contents of an archive , so it is normal?
  8. Hi again i think emsisoft has a bug ( if you read the upper post ) 79 views any answer?
  9. i found out what is wrong ! when i change the Scan level Balanced ---> thorough problem ( i say before ) occur but when i back the Scan level to Balanced , everything is Ok , well is it a bug ?
  10. But still i have my problem ( when i extract a archive include 1 malware everything is Ok ) but when i extract an archive include 2 or more files( malwares ) Malware ALERTs repeat for many times ...
  11. Hi . Thanks for the asnwer , here you are Addition.txt FRST.txt
  12. Hello . i have a problem recently with my Malware or PUP ALERTS ! they are just repeat ! ( 10 times maybe 20 times for every one files ! ) for example i exratct 1 malware and that malware will remove , but i see Malware Alert for i guess 10 time or more... ! ( even when i click on X ) ( i did uninstall and re install but still the same .. )
  13. yes i have this problem , my last update is for 12 hours ago and after that just nothing nothing nothing ....
  14. Hi, my emsisoft last update is about 11 hours ago , and now when i run update , ther is nothing for download , so is it normal? signatures : 7.160.041
  15. Hi , have Emsisoft Cloud protection? ( mmm, something like cloud is my mean, for example when we extract files that files check Automatic from anti-malware network... ) i ask from a malware research and he say Emsisoft haven't and if that have , will be heavy... but why heavy? i dont think that will be heavy ( sorry for my english , i'm using google translate )
  16. and the last question , when we send a file from this link : https://www.emsisoft.com/en/support/submit/ that file will add to anti malware network or database?
  17. Thanks for the answers. So Dear Arief , have emsisoft a plan about this? i cant tell you what exactly my idea ( i'm using google translate ) But i want tell emsisoft it is better when we extract a file ( for example a malware ) emsisoft auto check that in Anti Malware Netrowk , and if that file is infected well... what do you think?
  18. yes when we run this file emsisoft quarantined the file ! but why not auto quarantine? i mean when for example we extract that file from a winrar archive , emsisoft dont auto quarantine that and we should run that for quarantine !
  19. Hi. in Anti malware network a file with this MD5 : 448D8602678DEB1D6A276B207AAAE0F5 is not safe and is infected but emsisoft won't auto removed that and i should run the malware for remove... is it normal?
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