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  1. Thanks Kevin! I think all is removed. I have Emsisoft 2018 installed and running. Looks like it and MS Security can both run in peaceful co-existence - or should I disable MS Security? Again, THANK YOU! Tom
  2. Kevin, Thanks, I'll give it a try. I will look for it at Emsisoft.com. I appreciate all your help! Tom
  3. Kevin, Any recommendations? I tries Emsisoft a few years ago and it crashed my system. Arthur Wilkinson tried to help me repair it, but it would not work. We had to remove it completely. Is there anything else you think would be better? Tom
  4. Kevin, Yes, Defender is turned off and I cannot turn it on. I have run another FRST scan and here are the results. Strange things happening this morning. Had an update from MS - Shut down to install. It locked up - waited 45 minutes with warning screen to not turn off, I turned off and rebooted. It came up and showed that a security update was installed for C+++. Security Essentials was MIA for a while, too. Rebooted again and it came back. Do you think I'm clean? Tom Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Kevin, Here are the files from FRST. Thanks, Tom Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Kevin, I got an updated version of Roguekiller this morning and reran the scan. Here is the file. Tom rk_A42B.tmp.txt
  7. Kevin, Over the weekend I was still seeing the ghost of a file opening in the upper right quadrant of the screen - just for a split second. I certainly hope this fixes that. Otherwise, the computer is running very well. Thanks, TomFixlog.txt
  8. Kevin, It is consistent...when I run AdwCleaner - it finds: Pup.optional.Assistant, When I click on clean, the message is: Caught unhandled unknown exception; terminating. After clicking OK, it can only be shut down by opening task manager and ending current task. Task Mgr. says AdwCleaner is running, but it will run forever and do nothing. Re-ran Roguekiller and found nothing. Unpinned IE from my home screen. Computer seems to be running far better with Firefox! I attached the scan from AdwCleaner - just for good measure. Tom AdwCleaner[S11].txt
  9. Kevin, Re-ran Roguekiller, found the same 5 - removed them all. Here is the report. I will re-run AdwCleaner to see if it finds anything else and delete if it does. Should I remove IE from my system or leave it? I do not expect to use it anymore, but there may be things I want to look up within IE at some point. Is there a vulnerability leaving it installed? Tom rk_AFE9.tmp.txt
  10. Kevin, Many thanks for the links for Firefox & Chrome! I have attached the scanlog. I did not remove the 5 items. Would I be well advised to remove IE from my system altogether? Tom rk_365F.tmp.txt
  11. Kevin, I have had AdwCleaner for a few week s and have run it several times. Today, I updated it and tried to run. It was terminated for some reason. I did, however, find the scan and attached it. There is also a quarantine file which I can send you if you want it. It is from a previous run of AdwCleaner. I presumed IE was about done for. There is a Windows update available this morning which I have not downloaded as yet, but which browser do you suggest, Chrome or Firefox. I thought about downloading one or the other, but am afraid to since there are so many download sites with viruses built into them. Could you give me a link to a secure download site along with a recommendation? If you need the quarantine file, let me know. IE seems to be the primary problem. The odd things that happen on screen seem to happen while I am in an IE session. Thanks, Tom AdwCleaner[S7].txt
  12. Kevin, Forgot to mention. I have been getting a lot of what I think are re-directs in IE. A screen takes over the window telling me I must update Adobe Acrobat. I got burned a couple of years ago by this so I just bail out on it. I have Secunia PSI to keep everything up to date - per your instructions. Something is causing that re-direct to occur. Thanks again, Tom
  13. Kevin, I contacted you in early December and still have a problem. Someone has gotten into my email (Outlook 2010) and has gone to my Amazon account and tried to but things on my account. I have changed passwords on both Amazon and my ISP provider. Also, IE is running extremely slowly. Nearly unusable. Also, a quick flash of a black box in the upper right quadrant of the screen appears - looks like something opening - just a flash. I am attaching EEK & FRST logs. Hope we can find out what this is this time. Many thanks, Tom Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_180122-060039.txt
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