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  1. This was the second time that the file guard was disabled.
  2. I was able to turn the file guard back on and note it was only file guard which was disabled.
  3. Upon system boot the file guard for some reason has been disabled, note that this is the second time it has occurred.
  4. The "privacy risks" were changed to block and notify.
  5. It seems that the error message had popped up while Microsoft word and power point was opened. Note that this warning hasn't showed up again and hopefully my EIS real time protection is functioning properly.
  6. For some reason I have received an invalid pointer operation warning for Emsisoft real time protection. Would this type of error effect my real time protection?
  7. Hi, For some reason there have been DNS errors for some websites which did not occur previously. I have tried to fix the problem by resting the modem internal battery and cache with ccleaner without success. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_160107-200356.txt
  8. Here are the logs from EIS and FRST Note that FRST prompted BB which i have selected to allow once. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_151223-143836.txt
  9. Hi Kevin, I don't think my PC is infected but malware bytes anti malware was unable to load anti-root kit drivers: Error code 20025 resulting in a black screen. Would this be an compatibility issue between malware-bytes anti-malware premium and Emsisoft internet security as i had to remove malware-bytes anti malware in safe mode?
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