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  1. emsisoft has a great program , I,m hoping to get it on my hp 2000 laptop, and I most appreciate the care and concern being shown in regards to getting people up and running and in quest of truly secure business operations with that being said ,I,m about to dump Microsoft forever ,

    been through 95 ,98, xp, 7, and 8, 8.1 , totally revolting exploitive enterprise , though I do like what I see in Linux variants.


    can I get a seriously secure Linux Debian or Suse to run with the emsisoft professional perhaps with a vpn and sandbox

    whatever it takes to stop the exploits , the asset stripping , of multi-millions and the criminality that evolves from the thefts and lives

    of friends family and partners ,most people say what do I care spy guy, most people have never been up against a serious spy vs spy cloak and dagger rip off, the losses have been in the billions and some 30 people , few people realize their have been over 347 mass shootings since 2015, usa terrorism business alone. most point to government vendettas against race, invention, or perhaps one of the 5 custom manmade extinction level events .


    I,ll never trust the Microsoft business model since their colluding in major genocides , such as india now sueing against gates vaccines program.

    as a senior research environmentalist, I seen it all, and it makes me very sad to see things like the pacific fukishima going down.  

    and the lately 340 large whales dead in south America , nobody secure and everything at war status. sadistic world in an open society ??


    whistleblowing journalism is one of the most important events we have to protect our world , this is no joke , been there done that

    SOS secure systems Linux bsd debian emisoft  vpn sandox what should I do , best wishes joe


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