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  1. That being said, there is a bug in Emsisoft Internet Security that appears to be preventing rules to block IP addresses from being processed, so this feature appears to be temporarily unavailable until we can release a beta version with a fix for it.
    Obviously when blocking specific IP addresses, the firewall rules are the best choice.


    Hi!smile.png Block IP in firewall doesn't work yet,right?

  2. OK. If I block a range of addresses in the firewall, where to put the rule (up or down)?

    I'm interested in also , how to use EIS to block the connection and transfer of information with Windows 10 (for example)







    diagnostics.support.microsoft.com ......

    and yet...

    Enough to make them into web surfing and deny?


    Simply put, I want to block, and make it impossible to send data to Microsoft spysmile.png . All addresses and sites I've collected. Changes in the host file ineffective solution.


  3. Hi! I recently started using Emsisoft Internet security, a number of questions. I need to block connections to a range of addresses, for example Нow to do this in the surf protection?
    And generally,how to do it correctly? Surf Protection works to block only incoming connections?



    Thank you.

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