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  1. Thanks for the beta. I've clean-installed 20H2 on both my main PCs and don't plan to feature-upgrade Windows 10 any time soon, so I can't really test it currently. Unless the issue appears on these PCs too, that is.
  2. Well, Windows 10 "feature upgrades" tend to mess some things up. I guess this can be added to the list...
  3. So, you are confirming what I said in the previous post.
  4. Clean 1909 install, without having upgraded from earlier versions?
  5. I tried several times, but it seems almost impossible to reproduce the issue with logging enabled. The issue soon reappears when logging is disabled. For what it's worth, I've noticed this: On a PC with a clean Windows installation that has NOT underwent any Windows 10 upgrade (i.e. 1909 to 2004, 2004 to 20H2 etc.), the issue will NOT occur. At least it has not occurred once here. On a PC that's had at least one of these upgrades, the issue will keep occurring.
  6. No, I have managed to collect logs (and send them) from the older PC. EAM logs, that is.
  7. Thank you David, although I'm a bit confused! The Chrome version of what? Do you mean the Emsisoft Browser Security extension? I am talking about the Emsisoft Mobile Security Android app. I can see how the extension might apply as a nice workaround though. I'll try it.
  8. Any plans to include it? It's popular, Chromium-based and with a New Zealand reference, too. I am not really sure if all Chromium-based browsers are covered by Web Protection. Probably not, since EMS shows a specific browser list. Kiwi Browser At least 3 Chromium-based browsers may enable extensions support thanks to Kiwi Browser
  9. Both my PCs (2008/2015) have 8GB of RAM. edit: also note that sometimes several days can pass before the issue makes a reappearance. It doesn't always happen often. Might be placebo, but I think that once the issue is triggered, it will frequently occur 2-3 times. Then, it will go back on 'hibernation' for a while, until the next time it's triggered.
  10. Thanks for the info, JeremyNicoll. As marko said, it does happen here too with logging enabled, albeit far less frequently. But perhaps that's what you meant.
  11. Also, the issue seems to occur way less often on my newer laptop (2015 i5 CPU), than on the old desktop (many more programs/services installed, 2008 Core2 Quad CPU).
  12. Yes, it's the same thing. I was looking at the Services list, not process names. You mentioned possible timing issues. Don't know what that means exactly, but it always seemed unusual (way before this issue appeared) that WSC takes its time to detect and report the system status after boot. It usually does so a few minutes AFTER system startup, so if you try checking the status before that (in Windows Security), you will get a "Getting info..." message along with a spinning wheel.
  13. Perhaps these errors are related to Defender being permanently disabled? Never disabled the Windows Security Service myself. Its current status is: Manual/Running. What I usually do once (after installing Windows), is disable Tamper protection and then use O&O ShutUp10 to disable Windows Defender. I believe that changes a group policy. I've recently read that Microsoft intends to make disabling Defender more difficult (impossible?). I ran that command (btw it only worked in cmd, not Powershell) and restarted. Didn't notice any difference and Defender remained disabled. Windows Securit
  14. I did the uninstall + 2x restart + install 2020.9.0.10390. Issue soon reappeared. More specifically, it reappeared right after the restart that followed the automatic cumulative W10 update to 18363.1082. Can't say if the update process is related and of course, issue does not only appear after Windows updates. As usual, EAM works (all green, UI+EAM tray), WSC reports it as off with a red tray icon (I've manually/permanently disabled Defender). 1. Shut down EAM 2. Wait for its process/services to close. Re-launching EAM without waiting for this, seems to cause some trouble (EAM will
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