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  1. Quirky

    CLOSED App lock issue/question

    Thank you. About the 30-sec delay, is it application-specific or applies to all apps? Let's say I open and unlock app #1 and in less than 30 sec. I open a different locked app. Will the lock apply here or not? I could've be mistaken here in reporting the Gmail issue...
  2. Quirky

    CLOSED App lock issue/question

    Yes, same Samsung SM-T230 tablet with EMS 2.0.6, no other security software installed. "All-In-One Toolbox" app is installed however with some Google background stuff disabled by it, haven't yet tried uninstalling it as a test. I've locked 4-5 apps with EMS, problem only occurs with Gmail - EMS is listed & enabled as admin.
  3. Quirky

    CLOSED App lock issue/question

    I'm posting here for an App Lock issue, it seems it doesn't work properly on the Gmail app. It only activates about half of the times it's launched, including the very first Gmail app launch where the App Lock almost never activates.
  4. Quirky

    CLOSED App lock issue/question

    Thanks, I had to hold the "Task Manager" button, so I managed to add the delay. Still, I hope you can consider adding the "if app is started initially" option (doesn't have to be the default of course) or perhaps increased/custom delay options.
  5. Quirky

    CLOSED App lock issue/question

    Thank you Thomas. I see now it says: 4-8 digits. I didn't notice it probably (or a change in the recent update?). About the pin delay, I can't find a 'more options' setting/button anywhere.
  6. Quirky

    Microsoft Web Control

    I think it's a great thing for security software to *not* use browser extensions because: a) You add unnecessary bloat to the browser, with a good chance of slowing it down. b) You have to follow the browser's development, its idiosyncrasies, incompatibilities and all sorts of unnecessary problems. c) Possibly the most important point: since you cannot create extensions for all browsers out there, you will be forced to limit user choice and only be compatible with a few, mainstream browsers (which are almost never the best choice, especially privacy-wise).
  7. Quirky

    Windows 10 not shutting down

    Modern Windows PC's are complicated beasts, anything can be at fault here and I'm sure your problem will be solved soon if Emsisoft-related. Try a full shutdown to see if your problem happens there, too (Windows 10 default shutdown is not a full shutdown).
  8. A helpful addition to the tray icon would be a Help section. Apart from the obvious "About", it could include direct links (to be opened with the default browser) to various Help/Support sections like the Forum, FAQs, Contact, File submission etc. Some are already available in the main UI but tray access could be faster and more convenient (without having to open the UI at all). Something else: perhaps make the UI remember (or add an option for it?) its last visited section. For example, if I'm watching the Behavior Blocker window, close the UI (not minimise) and reopen it, it always reverts back to Overview. Thanks.
  9. Why not assign the 'Game Mode' manually, per application rule basis for example? Such global, automatic operations are bound to cause some problems and possibly overburden the software (of course this is only theory, you have the technical background). Totally agree. More control to the users is always a good thing. I wouldn't like an unnecessary (for me ofc) feature forced upon.
  10. Hello, I'm not seeing this in the product description but within the app itself it is clearly implied (when pressing the 'info' button) that this feature will only work with the stock/default Android browser. Can you please clarify on this, will the web protection work on any browser or just the standard one that ships with Android? Thanks.
  11. Thank you. I hope you can add support for more browsers (mine is Pale Moon and occasionally Firefox) and it's probably best to change the product description - I was under the impression this feature was not browser-related (which would be the best possible solution) since it's not mentioned at all in the website.
  12. Product comparison seems to have been removed, please consider adding one. I'd like to know a bit more about what "Eliminate surface for potential attacks" exactly means (listed as an Internet Security-only feature) in order to make a decision between EIS-EAM.
  13. Quirky

    Product Comparison (EAM vs EIS)

    I've used the trial and now registered EIS, I have to say it's great. Does everything security software should be doing with sensible, advanced features and no additional, flashy stuff that drag the PC down. Clear, easy to use UI -but not dumb- and your support and communication is stellar. Plus, your privacy policy rocks in a time almost everyone else seems to require full and unrestricted access to my PC's files. Well done.
  14. Yes, many tools available out there. I'd suggest O&O ShutUp10 for simpler use, or W10Privacy for more advanced users who can understand exactly what each option does.
  15. Hello everyone, new user of EIS here and liking it quite a lot. Noticed that after selecting "Pause Protection/Disable until computer restart", shutting down the PC and turning it back on, the protection is still disabled. I know that in Windows 8/8.1/10, when the user shuts down the PC, a Hybrid Shutdown is performed by default. Technically, it's not the same as a system restart. However, I think in the mind of almost all users, shutting down the PC and turning it on at a later time (or day) definitively qualifies as a system restart, so this behaviour probably needs to change and protection must be turned back on when the PC comes back from a Hybrid Shutdown. Haven't tested, but I suspect that EIS will turn itself on automatically after using this option on Windows 7, since there's no Hybrid Shutdown there.