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  1. Why not assign the 'Game Mode' manually, per application rule basis for example? Such global, automatic operations are bound to cause some problems and possibly overburden the software (of course this is only theory, you have the technical background). Totally agree. More control to the users is always a good thing. I wouldn't like an unnecessary (for me ofc) feature forced upon.
  2. Thank you. I hope you can add support for more browsers (mine is Pale Moon and occasionally Firefox) and it's probably best to change the product description - I was under the impression this feature was not browser-related (which would be the best possible solution) since it's not mentioned at all in the website.
  3. Hello, I'm not seeing this in the product description but within the app itself it is clearly implied (when pressing the 'info' button) that this feature will only work with the stock/default Android browser. Can you please clarify on this, will the web protection work on any browser or just the standard one that ships with Android? Thanks.
  4. I've used the trial and now registered EIS, I have to say it's great. Does everything security software should be doing with sensible, advanced features and no additional, flashy stuff that drag the PC down. Clear, easy to use UI -but not dumb- and your support and communication is stellar. Plus, your privacy policy rocks in a time almost everyone else seems to require full and unrestricted access to my PC's files. Well done.
  5. Product comparison seems to have been removed, please consider adding one. I'd like to know a bit more about what "Eliminate surface for potential attacks" exactly means (listed as an Internet Security-only feature) in order to make a decision between EIS-EAM.
  6. Yes, many tools available out there. I'd suggest O&O ShutUp10 for simpler use, or W10Privacy for more advanced users who can understand exactly what each option does.