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  1. You may have covered this topic in the forum but, I was shopping online and this message came up saying that I needed to call support immediately at 855-707-6272. The message wouldn't stop so I called and it was support from Rescue by Logmein. John ask me for permission to access my computer. He showed me messages from my system that I couldn't understand. One of the messages are above. He told me it would cost me $200.00 on the spot to fix it. I said I couldn't afford that. He asked me what year I was born which I thought was odd. I started to lie to see were it was going but I said the yr mistakingly. Then he said what can you afford to pay to fix your system so I said $40. Just to see if this was legitimate. He said that is fine. I told him to hold and so I could check my account. He told me I could check it on my computer and he was going to release his access to my computer but he was still there. When I clicked on the Log me in window he hung up on me and logged out of the system. So I feel like one this person is using the Logmein to abuse the system and the other I am having a security breach of some sort. Please help!