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  1. Hi, Greetings Emsisoft-OnlineArmor I run Online Armor in advanced mode, and tried a blocking disk access and blocking executables (.htm which looked like some type of web advertising) for my Paltalk, to see if those were really necessary They were, and I want to now remove or change those rules, but I can not find them in either Firewall-Rules-Rules or Program guard. Where are they kept ? My subscription recently expired (although I really thought I have a few more months, till May, but that is another question) so I presume I am running in equivalent of Free mode. Is that the problem, that professional can apply rules that then become invisible ? Just asking. And if a person wants to wipe clean and do new rules from scratch, is there a simple way to do that, short of an uninstall ? Thanks for your assistance. Steven Avery Queens, NY