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  1. Workspace usually does not connect properly with the installed systems.
  2. Thanks, ShadowPuterDude: "I checked Local only". "Activation is done by running the installer from the workspace." Since like everyone else with multiple seats, I will undoubtedly have to reinstall EAM in the future. How does one run the installer from the workspace since "Access denied--local only."
  3. ShadowPuterDude: Is there any reason to have one's systems connected to the workspace? What is the purpose? Downside of the workspace is that if one has to reinstall EAM on a system, it is not enough to have the License key. You also have to log in to the workspace, which can be very difficult. I tried your method. When I halted the process after several minutes of "Setting things up" with no result, EAM icon was removed from the taskbar. Fortunately, EAM returned on reboot. Same thing happened a month ago while following instructions from another tech. I hope that Emsisoft removes the entire MyEmsisoft/workspace infrastructure as it is a retrogression from the older, simpler method where one needed only a valid license key to reinstall EAM.
  4. Tommy, what worked for me was the solution provided by Frank (email) and ShadowPuterDud. However, Workspace has never worked right for me. None of my systems are correctly recognized in my Workspace. I don't see what is the point of Workspace.
  5. This does work, thanks and Frank in tech also gave me this. I really appreciate the superb tech support from Frank and Shadowputerdud.
  6. Thanks, Tommy, for clarification. We are in the same boat. I am getting help from a high level Emsisoft tech. So far, even after the hotfix, EAM UI is unavailable.
  7. Thanks for the updates, but EAM still is not accessible at 10:50AM. I got a reply from an Emsisoft tech but did not understand some of the terms and hope an expert can clarify for me. He proposed a workaround: "When the device is connected to a workspace, disable self-protection for that device." Does "device" mean the computer system? What is "a workspace". "disable self-protection for that device"--what does that mean and how to do it? Thanks, cma
  8. I noticed EAM taskbar icon wasn't showing up on one system so I uninstalled and reinstalled EAM Home. Windows shows program as installed though still not on taskbar, though Taskbar options has it set to show there. Task Manager shows Emsisoft Protection and Emsisoft Protection Manager loaded. Though EAM is shown in Windows Start menu, I cannot access any function. Windows Firewall is now turned on. Do I have any protection and how to fix this issue? As usual when I log into MyEmsisoft, this system is shown as "not managed." Thanks to the experts.
  9. Why am I getting a renewal notice when on 12/19/21 I already renewed for 2 years 5-seat Anti-Malware coverage?
  10. Thanks to ShadowputerDud for attempting to fix issue: 5 systems show up as "offline" or as "not managed." I have tried reinstall with right click but does not help. MyEmsisoft does not work or connect properly with local systems. What's the point of it?
  11. This has nothing to do with malware support. Shadow and Victoria are helping with installation and Account issues. I am very appreiciative of their patient and thorough support efforts.
  12. First, thanks to Victoria and yourself for exceptional EAM support. After 18 days, I have finally been able to get EAM Home installed on the 5th device, having already removed the system removed from the LAN. Neither Victoria nor I am able to get my online Workspace to show the 5 systems properly. Only 2 devices are shown (as offline--though they are online), 2 devices are shown as "not managed" (what does that mean?), and the new device is shown with the wrong name. I suppose I should be happy that after 18 days I finally got EAM Home (5 seats fully paid for) working on all 5 systems. However, it is completely beyond me or Victoria to get my online Workspace to properly register the 5 devices. After spending 3 hours this morning finally getting EAM installed on the 5th system, I don't want to risk messing that up with Emsiclean. However, if you can figure out how to get my Workspace, which I can log into at last, show the 5 systems correctly as Managed and Online, I would be very appreciative. The only idea I have is to remove the url https://my.emsisoft.com/workspace/etc from my browser and try to login in, but that is very risky as I may not be able to log in again. Thanks again for your assistance and hope that Myworkspace can be fixed.
  13. I have had 5 seats coverage for 5 years. I recently removed one seat so I could add a new device. But despite numerous requests for an installer file on the new system, I have been unable to get the EAM installed on the new system. I am repeatedly given this cut-and-paste instruction: "Click on your workspace and then on "install protection" (or "add device"), from there you can copy the installer link to the machine you wish to protect. After you run it on your device, it will be associated to your subscription." But when I click on the installer on the new device, nothing happens. So no EAM installed. This has been going on for almost 3 weeks. EAM used to have good tech support. What happened? EAM is installed as Freeware, even though I have paid for this device.
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