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  1. Every hour on my computer, I get a notice saying that my Anti-Malware subscription has expired, even though it has 783 days till expiration. How do I stop these notifications?
  2. Thanks to Christian Peters and Thomas Ott for the fine work in fixing the installation problem.
  3. But, as I have already told you and Thomas Ott, this key does not work for me. I need a valid key that works. Thank you.
  4. Hi Christian: Thank you for the response. I followed your instructions but did not work. I got this error message: ""Requesting license list failed. Please check your internet connection." So you need to renew the license on your end or else give me a valid license key. I appreciate your assistance. Note that private messaging does not work. Jon
  5. Cleverbridge says that it is up to Emsisoft to give me a valid License Key. So I would appreciate it if I could get a valid License Key for the payment I made.
  6. Anti-Malware says I have 20 days remaining in my subscription but I cannot update signature file. Even after I paid $72.67 to Emsisoft/Cleverbridge, I still don't get a subscription renewal and no response from either Emsisoft or Cleverbridge.
  7. Christian, That was the solution. EAM Custom Scan had forgotten where to look and I never knew where to look.
  8. Over the last week, I activated real-time EAM protection (except for File Guard) on my 4 systems. When today I did my weekly custom scan, on 2 of the 4 systems the saved custom scanset file had disappeared. What would cause that?
  9. Fabian: Having made the exclusion for SS executable in File Guard, so far I have not seen a conflict between EAM and SS A-V. What would be a sign of conflicts?
  10. Thanks, Fabian, ingenious solution, I will try it. File Guard will slow my system too much.
  11. Since I don't use File Guard, I gave been trying to figure out how to use Application Rules to exclude System Suite's "MxTask2.exe" but Application Rules will still monitor System Suite. SS is smarter than EAM: SS automatically added "a2service.exe" to the SS "Application Allow" list.
  12. I was referring to Thomas Ott, proprietor of Emsisoft, and his recent blog on ransom ware. Fabian, I like your approach to excluding System Suites A-V/firewall from being watched as I don't want SS to be monitored at all. I clicked on "Manage White List" in File Guard but nothing happened, probably because I have not activated FG. So I will ask this queston: is anyone using EAM with another AV/Firewall suite running at the same time: any problems?
  13. I use Avanquest's System Suite. You are saying that I should add a rule for Mxtask2.exe in Application Rules? Unfortunately, there was no "Allow" option, only "Monitor", which I don't want to do since I know that the file is OK. My take away from Thomas' post on ransom ware was that if one runs EAM, it is safe to leave an external drive connected; otherwise , why would run use EAM for anything other than for weekly scans?
  14. Thanks to Sintharius and Jerky for the replies. It was unclear with EAM if I should set an "Allow" exclusion for my combined firewall/anti-virus System Suite. The file name loaded seems to be "mxtask2.exe" If I do set that exclusion, is it done in Behavior Blocker or in Application Rules? Assuming that I run EAM real time, is it then safe to keep the extrenal drive connected to the system?
  15. Thomas wrote an impressive article on Emsisoft protection from ransomware but did not explain how to achieve that. I use Emsisoft anti-malware for weekly scans only. For protection, would I have to run the program at all times and if so, what is minimal protection I need to run? Fileguard will slow down the computer too much; Surf protection will slow down browsing. What does Behavior Blocker do and what are the correct settings? How much RAM and computer slowdown if one runs Emisisoft Anti-Malware with Behavior Blocker? Also, if one does run Emsisoft, is there are conflict with a firewall such as System Suite?