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  1. Hi, Currently I have an existing EIS license pending expiry tonight. I also have a one yr license. IS that possible to merge them together? Earlier I've email to Thomas Ott, but so far there's no response. Hence I brought this up here. Thanks alot!
  2. Hi, I wish to quote the above reply by Fabian in EAM forum regarding the addition of Exploit Mitigation. I'm currently using Hitman Pro. Alert. Wondering would both anti-exploit protection brings conflict. I've heard somewhere that it is advisable not to run more than one anti-exploit protection on a single PC. I'm curious on this since Hitman Pro website also offers the bundles (HMP/HMPA + EAM) and hence the confusion for the overlapping protection.
  3. Hi, May I know if there is any updates on the compatiblity issue between EAM and CIS/CFW version 8? I myself was also having the same problem few weeks back. Installed CIS followed by EAM and EAM doesn't open. So I dropped CIS.
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