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  1. Actually, EAM is an anti-virus as well. The last version also added additional features for exploit mitigation. Bitdefender also includes exploit mitigation. Lines are really blurry and while we usually try to maintain compatibility, chances are if you combine a lot of tools, no effort on our end will help you keep your system stable. After all we have no influence on what other companies are doing.


    Hi, I wish to quote the above reply by Fabian in EAM forum regarding the addition of Exploit Mitigation. I'm currently using Hitman Pro. Alert. Wondering would both anti-exploit protection brings conflict. I've heard somewhere that it is advisable not to run more than one anti-exploit protection on a single PC.


    I'm curious on this since Hitman Pro website also offers the bundles (HMP/HMPA + EAM) and hence the confusion for the overlapping protection.

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