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  1. Stop the parade I've found the answer... Thanks.. Jude
  2. I tried the firewall some years ago as well as several others, now I'd like to try it again but can't find a link to "Just The Firewall" i tried where it says "Free Version" and it installed the Premium trial? tia.. Jude
  3. Is that birthday special sale going to be extended or is it over over? I didn't see the 8 day time limit so i posted the sale in a forum. Thanks.. Jude
  4. Say guys i always want fresh updates and I've been getting them both automatically and manually. Today when i checked Mamutu said it was updated the 22nd looking closer at the logs it said last successful update was on the 19th. Not to worry just curious why it would say that, anyone else experience the same? Thanks.. Jude
  5. I've not used etc. must have a lite footprint. Thanks.. Jude
  6. Can you open the guard in Mamutu? if so you should see Incredimail listed.. click edit rule.. a window opens giving you information about why its blocked. You will have choices asking you how you want to handle it.. go ahead and post back what you find before you commit.. by then an expert should be along.. Jude
  7. Maybe run this HJT? http://www.filehippo.com/download_hijackthis/ Jude
  8. *** ~whole quote without particular comments was removed {Lynx} Back again have you seen this? The latest Emsisoft news. Free Online Scanner for your Homepage: Emsisoft Web Malware Scan Emsisoft Web Malware Scan Sometimes you need to quickly scan a computer for Malware infection but do not want to spend time downloading and installing a scanner program. We have the optimum solution for this situation: The Emsisoft Web Malware Scan can be conveniently started from within a browser while still providing the full performance of our Dual-Scan engine with over five million signatures - this
  9. I'm with you chief just going through my configurations now..
  10. *** whole quote was removed {Lynx} Thanks mate will do, I thought you might like to know, my question is why is it still doing its thing with MalAware? Off to make some adjustments.. Jude A member in the beta test told me to block it, just thought I'd throw that in.... cheers...
  11. Its back... When accessing data from the URL, "http://download2.emsisoft.com/malaware/MalAware.exe" a virus or unwanted program 'ADSPY/AdSpy.Gen3' [adware] was found. Action taken: Blocked file Jude
  12. Are we having fun yet.. If I find another case say from Avira I'll let you know...
  13. O.k. now its the waiting game, its posted at their forum.. Thanks.... Jude
  14. Thanks Ray lets see what Avira comes up with, no sense in pouring gas on the fire.. Lord willing I'll check their public forums.. today. Jude
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