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  1. I've switched to the beta channel and seems to be working without this problem. Granted I did need to uninstall the previous version, install the stable, then upgrade to the beta. But all seems to be working. I'll continue to keep an eye on it.
  2. I've been evaluating Windows Server 2016 Preview 5 (datacenter). I'm not using this copy of windows as a server, but a desktop. I find it's more "clean" than the other editions (all the bloat and junk removed). I'm pleased to report that Emsisoft Anti-Malware installs just fine. It works too for a while. But around the 9th or 10th reboot, all protection is disabled and seems to be impossible to re-.enable. Nothing short of a complete uninstall and reinstall seems to resolve this issue.
  3. I have received your PM and have replied I found your requirements very agreeable.
  4. I do not use Sandboxie, so I'm not worried. A dedicated and proven anti-virus program, which is marketed and designed as an anti-virus program is always a requirement for my build. So Bitdefender is going nowhere. In fact, I recently stop using Kaspersky in favor of Bitdefender, because the latest version of Kaspersky doesn't seem to play well on Windows 10.
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question (please correct me if I'm wrong). My first general question is do you have a beta program? One of my computers I use to test the latest and greatest software. It's a hobby of mine to bug hunt and review programs (and operating systems) in order to help make them better and stable. My inner geek just loves that. My second question is should I decide I really like the program, services, and support; is there a referral program? I do often refer people both on social media and my own personal forum communities to potential products or services I feel may be beneficial to them. While an incentive is not necessarily my overall goal, it is beneficial to myself being able to better track the products and services I do ultimately end up referring. Thank you in advance for your consideration and reply.
  6. You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day --- IF I could like your post more than once, I would. THANK YOU for resolving this matter. I now see what you have done (see attached for anyone else who stumbles over this and is unclear).
  7. I'm not sure if I understand. They're both desktops. I should have a key for both desktops, but the problem is, I received only a single key for only 1 desktop when I ordered 2 individually. I'm sure I was clear on that, but maybe I'm not understanding what changes you have made.
  8. The same key on both (2) computers? Isn't that how I received that error before?
  9. I hope I can trust in Thomas and Emsisoft as well. It would be really telling if I ended up being the last man holding the metaphorical bag, soft of speak. That wouldn't be fair.
  10. I assume then you'll be phasing one out in time. But in the meantime, I'd like your attention and help please, here This is the more pressing urgent matter since the programs seem OK.
  11. We'll cross that bridge when we cross it. I do not have your anti-virus install, just the anti-malware. I'm sure there are some differences between the two.
  12. So far the only problem I'm facing is this (purchasing 2 copies, receiving only 1) I do not expect a problem though since each program fulfills a different function. Bitdefender is the only anti-virus program, anti-exploit is the only exploit program, and Adguard the only ad blocker. But since I do have 2 anti-malware programs, that could be where I run into an issue. I've been using this setting up for years without issue. The only new goodie is I'm using Adguard rather than uBlocker & Emisoft rather than Iobit.
  13. No SDD on this computer, yet. That is something to look forward toward in a future build. But you do bring up a good point on why I also white list my defrag program
  14. @Thomas Ott The problem is I ordered 2 copies independently. Received 2 emails for each order. But I only received the 1 key in BOTH emails. AdGuard and you (Emsisoft) are both running the same promotion. If I had purchased directly from you, I would receive a copy of AdGaurd included. Just as if I purchased from AdGuard, I would receive a copy of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. The problem here is you're both cooperating with each other to run this promotion, but now that someone has goofed up, no one wants to help. They (AdGuard) tell me to go to you and you tell me to go to them. That really is unfair. I, after all, have not done anything wrong. Attached as you requested is showing the end of both keys from AdGaurd (including only the last digit which is clearly different for each, as expected). I have also included attached the PayPal order for each individual purchase.
  15. For verification and easy management, I registered the license here on Emsisoft own site. I thought that was a nice feature and a good way to track this. The email is the same here and there.