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  1. Quote

    1) OS Information in the Managed devices list

    Good Morning Frank,

    First is the a option to activated  "OS Information in the Managed devices list" ?

    I will start in the next time with rollout Win 1903 to all clients, did you have information about any client connection issues after 1903 ? Like the old EEC certificate problems?

    best regards





    Please note that ECC is in beta stage and we're adding new stuff and fixing things on a regular base.

    Yes Frank I know but what i can do spend much time in broken EEC connections or spend this time in a better ECC product :-) I hope you all will do good work and its not be a complete broken beta ECC :-)



    3. data: what would you like to get from and send to a device ?

    Frank, i will that there is nothing executable data that can be transfer in both directions.  Supposed, if the ECC Account (F2A is activ) is under other foreign control that there is no way to get any files from local client and to local client. To that all computers are in a closed Environment only ECC have configuration  possibilities.

  3. Hi Frank,

    first it looks really good, i will switch all stuff to Cloud now .....

    Same things missing hope it will come back later:

    1) OS Information , EAM Version ,  Reset to default rule if user have edited


    2) License is not showing correct i have not used all 60, also it would be good to see where all the license are used like the old user account list



    3) Security Question: All stuff from the Cloud are only options for configuration, there is now and really no way to get data from client or data to clients right ? 


    Same german translation issues

    1) Scan Days 


    2) Berechtigungen und Schutzrichtlinien



    Frank thank You my Friend i will be report all Stuff i see in the next few weeks in use




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  4. Hello GT500,

    I run in the same shit problem today, but have seen more problems. 

    In this days I run win 10 1803 updates from 1703 in the company on many computers.

    One Notebook makes big problems with update to 1803, it stops with 0xC1900101 - 0x4000D in the second_boot phase , have test it 5 times. So looked in Microsoft Dokumentation and first try all driver updates, it seams to be a driver problem .... gpu,chip,wlan, ... nothing helps ... so 2 Days later have time to look into it i have debug the setupmem and what i see in that the a2service make the problem !

    So I think unistall eam and all is good, but then BSOD on restart 0xc0000001 ...... first i think the boot uefi is broken have delete and repair it ... but the i think look in the forum here and bäm  this works ..

    Have put the ssd on a second computer edit the reg File and delete "eppdisk" and all runs fine now  :-)) 


    So some Screenshots an a reg export for you





    Foto 21.06.18, 15 11 22.jpg

    Foto 26.06.18, 11 49 44.jpg

    Foto 25.06.18, 16 57 06.jpg

    all class.reg


  5. Hi @stapp,

    yes i can confirm 1703 update runs without problems and EAM ist running, test it yesterday.

    But have problems with ECC Connection from EAM Client after it, first startup after update EAM is connected to EEC, second reboot client and the EEC connection ist lost for ever, same problem on alle big win 10 updates before.  


  6. Rob another thing i want you to tell EAM and EEC is a good product, the support is the best i have ever seen. I use EAM now for 1,5 Years and the were many question and feature that they have build in since the beginning of EEC...

    Before EAM we was a Avast Business EP consumer, first was the product OK but avast do nothing new and the product didn't work anymore with w10, and there was a big problem with booting clients with Outlook and E-Mail protecting there hang more times in booting on Win7 the hole company has this problem, I wait 9 months and tell the support all i can do and report  but nothing changed no new version or patch. Waht do Avast let the payed companys by site and bring a new cloud version for Business.... I would never give the hole security configuration in a WEB cloud what do they think.... 

    And EAM and ECC is cheaper have a good condition from a reseller when you come from a other software.

  7. @RobZ1605 The E-Mail function works fine, have configure it maybe i can help, what do you mean with time outs ? 

    Look at Sreenshot have configured it over EEC but without SSL, here was a bug at the beginning with EEC with SSL this is fixed but i didn't change the configuration.  

    EEC Console is also configured for E-Mai so i get E-mails for any Installation, Warning and Malware infection, so you know whats going on with the clients in and outside the company. 


    E-Mail looks like this :


    Emsisoft protection software alerted Emsisoft Enterprise Console XXXX to the following finding:

    Detected object: Spyware

    Location: C:\Users\XXXX \Downloads\putty.exe

    Type: Spyware

    Detected by: Behavior Blocker

    Performed action: Allowed

    Machine: XXXX

    User: XXXX

    Timestamp: 04/05/2017 11:43:38


  8. Hi,

    there are many new EEC users here, did anyone a good solution to connect notebooks when they are outside the company to EEC.

    1) there in not always a VPN between Client and EEC, to get information. Also get information when clients used normal internet without VPN.

    2) I didn't won't the EEC in a DMZ zone, maybe only a port forwarding would possible.

    3) Has anyone a cloud installation, but that is maybe a high risk to give all eec function to extern provider.... 


    So i think need a solution that get the data from the clients than a EEC update data proxy domain host -> then a save connection to EEC.

    (This idea come from another tool that we use for email signatures, clients that have no company connection get the files zipped from a host provider)

    This would be a good solution to transfer policies and client information back to EEC.

     Today i use only E-Mail notification on this Clients to get malware warning information  


    Frank what do you think ?



  9. Yes this would be great to add Folder! and var like %users%.  I miss this features too in the EEC ! :unsure:


    It's not all like home computers with full qualified path and .exe


    So Fabian please push it to the todo list  :D


    regards Zwergenmeister


    We are considering some changes to EEC to allow more control. There is no ETA yet though.


    Hello Fabian,


    is there any update to allow wildcards in the future ?


    regards Zwergenmeister

  10. Hello GT500,


    I can confirm that the last version have problems with automatic updates, have seen it on a few clients here, but i can update this clients manual over GUI.

    The automatic updates stops. 


    Today i have 3 days without any autoupdate.


    Note we use EEC


    Emsisoft Anti-Malware - Version 11.9
    Start-Datum End-Datum Ergebnis Typ
    25.07.2016 08:36:26 25.07.2016 08:36:45 Update erfolgreich Manuelles Update
    22.07.2016 13:03:05 22.07.2016 13:03:08 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    22.07.2016 12:03:05 22.07.2016 12:03:08 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    22.07.2016 11:03:05 22.07.2016 11:03:08 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    22.07.2016 10:03:05 22.07.2016 10:03:07 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    22.07.2016 09:03:05 22.07.2016 09:03:17 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    22.07.2016 08:02:36 22.07.2016 08:02:36 Unbekannter Update-Fehler Auto-Update
    22.07.2016 08:02:35 22.07.2016 08:02:35 Unbekannter Update-Fehler Auto-Update
    21.07.2016 16:07:11 21.07.2016 16:07:13 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    21.07.2016 15:07:11 21.07.2016 15:07:13 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    21.07.2016 14:07:11 21.07.2016 14:07:15 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    21.07.2016 12:27:38 21.07.2016 12:27:42 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    21.07.2016 11:27:38 21.07.2016 11:27:40 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    21.07.2016 10:27:38 21.07.2016 10:27:43 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    21.07.2016 09:27:38 21.07.2016 09:27:43 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    21.07.2016 08:27:22 21.07.2016 08:27:43 Update erfolgreich Manuelles Update
    18.07.2016 15:02:28 18.07.2016 15:02:31 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    18.07.2016 14:02:28 18.07.2016 14:02:30 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    18.07.2016 13:02:28 18.07.2016 13:02:31 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    18.07.2016 12:02:28 18.07.2016 12:02:29 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    18.07.2016 11:02:28 18.07.2016 11:02:30 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update
    18.07.2016 10:02:28 18.07.2016 10:02:31 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update

    18.07.2016 08:02:01 18.07.2016 08:02:25 Update erfolgreich Auto-Update

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